You can easily sell products using Shopify for wholesale or also you can use Shopify website to sell products that belong to other companies. Shopify offers different ways to easily sell products wholesale by making use of discount codes, building an individual storefront which is password protected. You can pick the right option that suits your business needs and size of your wholesale business.

When you think of using Shopify ecommerce store ideal for your wholesale business, the first thing that comes to your mind is to hire dedicated Shopify developers so that you can set up your wholesale store without any hassles.

Firstly, distributing products through a wholesale store is certainly the perfect way to boost your business. You can make it easy for the retailers to purchase the products at lower price and it directly helps your product reach the end customers. Of course, there are many other things involved in the process like building healthy relationships with the stockists, maintaining inventory on a regular basis etc. Here is how Shopify eCommerce experts can help you set up a Shopify store and let your wholesale business grow.

Split up the stores

When you hire professional Shopify developers they will suggest you of having more than one store. It may take some extra time, cost and efforts, but it will give you the opportunity to have a clear idea and flow of handling customers on a day to day basis while keeping an individual landing page for the customer base. This will safeguard any bulk buying or discounts incentives only for your authorized retailers.

In case the consumers come across your wholesale store they can be directed to the base. Ideally, the important thing is to ensure that your wholesale store has a login and password option.

When you are making use of a redirect, it means your wholesale store is not missing out on any organic traffic. In case any potential customers come across your wholesale store they will get an option to get redirected that helps both retailers and the consumers.


Wholesale certainly gives you the chance to have an additional source to generate revenue provided you have time to take care of two different websites.

Make optimum use of discount codes

Ideally, purchase at just a trade rate is like creating a trend for discount for long term for some of the returning customers. It also makes sense to utilize discount code for such customers. Similarly, you can make season sale code and create particular discounts for those individual retailers.

The best thing is that Shopify has an added feature that helps you mark a specific customer as tax-free, which grants itself properly to the entire wholesale format.

While it is pretty simple to build you still can’t stop the customers from leaking codes therefore create a wholesale agreement to keep a check on quantity purchased vs. the percentage of discount.

The use of discount codes actually means you can monitor the retail & wholesale customers via just a single store, which makes taking care of inventory easy as compared to managing to different stores. Of course, there are risks of codes being leaked and the normal discount scheme lets discounts in currency only instead of percentage, but it can be rectified within no time without any investment.

Wholesale & 3rd party Apps

How eCommerce trends will benefit both Retailers and Wholesalers

You will find a range of apps in Shopify store which will organize in building the wholesale store for you. These apps help you manage the discounts you wish to offer to which customer via regular accounts of customers. Once a customer is authorized as wholesale by you, they can start getting benefits of a stockist.

Shopify apps must let you lock a particular page, blog, collection, product, cart and even the entire shop once. This feature lets you hide the prices and pages to let you keep retail and wholesale business separately while handling single store.

When you are handling your customers plus your wholesale business via an app, you get the authority to block some customers from specific areas on your online store. Marking any customer account as wholesale customer can enable them to enter the password protected section on your site.

Looking at the demand for Shopify store you can understand the importance of Shopify eCommerce developers in this domain. You too can opt to become Shopify development partner and shape your career in the right direction. Yes, you can be part of a partnership program and help your clients unleash customized eCommerce experiences. No matter whether you have your own firm or working as a freelancer, becoming a Shopify expert is always going to help you shaping the business. You can help popular brands; businesses transform their normal store to a Shopify store and make most of the available features.

You can enrol for any Shopify partner program that not only helps you learn but also build a good network of people worldwide. When you have a great client base, you can have an established business of your own where you will have bunch of happy clients.

You may think of trying to set up your Shopify store looking at different tutorials or articles, but it is not an easy job and you may stuck up in between. Without knowledge of Shopify you won’t be able to setup your retail store so look to hire professional Shopify developers so that they help you understand the features of Shopify and how it can help your wholesale store. Also, Shopfiy experts know their job well and thus they can use their skills to set up the Shopify wholesale store for you.

Shopfiy store helps take your eCommerce store to another level. You can see your store generating revenues. You will get a well-managed platform to get a better control over the way you manage your store. When everything is up to date, you can see the expected results coming in. You can see increase in sales too.

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