How Can Magento 2 Performance Optimization Service Impact Your Business And Sales?

There is one commonality between an e-Commerce website and a sprinter, confused? For both of them, a single second matters, as it affects the overall performance and results. For any Magento 2 store loading speed is the most important aspect that impacts conversion rates, search ranking, and user experience. As a Magento speed optimization service provider, we understand that every eCommerce store has different challenges and every online business requires a different approach for speed optimization in Magento 2 to increase and boost the Magento page loading speed. 

Over course of time, Viha Digital Commerce have built a team of certified Magento developers and technicians with years of experience in dealing with Magento store development and Magento 2 performance optimization services to speed up Magento 2 eCommerce website with utmost precision to deliver satisfactory results to all types and size of clients owning Magento 2 store.  

What do Viha Digital Commerce do For Speed Optimization In Magento 2?

As a Magento 2 speed optimization service provider, we include the following processes to boost the loading speed of the Magento 2 store.

  • Speed Test
  • CSS and JS Merging
  • Magento Flat Catalog and Compiler
  • Cache Setting
  • Settings Checking
  • Magento Configuration Setting
  • .htaccess Optimization
  • PHP Tuning and Configuration
  • HTML, CSS, JS Minify
  • Database Tables and Logs Cleanup
  • JS Moving To Footer
  • MySQL Server Tuning
  • SSL Installation
  • Content Delivery Network Setup (CDN)
  • Web Server Checks/ Server Optimization
  • Media Optimization
  • Software Installation and Setup
  • Full Speed optimization Report
  • Block Cache Optimization
  • Latest Version Upgradation
  • Optimized By Varnish Cache
  • Scripts and Code Optimization
  • Image Lazy Load Optimization
  • Flat Categories and Products Enabling
  • gZip Compression
  • HTTP/2 Speed Up
  • Sign Static Files

The Benefits Of Magento Speed Optimization

  • Improves Search Engines
  • Boosts Conversion Rate
  • Comprehends maximum savings on server’s cost
  • Cuts Bounce Rate
  • Enhances Customer’s User Experience
  • Decreases Page Loading Time
  • Makes Website SEO Friendly

Why Is Performance Optimization Important In Magento?

Having a faster website sets you apart from the competitors, for that you need a dedicated and experienced team like Viha Digital Commerce, who can help you in optimizing the speed of the Magento store.

Your Magento store speed is very crucial to avoid any situations where customers leave the store without placing an order due to bad loading speed or due to other technical issues. Viha Digital Commerce helps you to give an incredible shopping experience to your Magento store customers with its granular performance optimization service.


How much does the Magento speed optimization service cost?
Our Magento speed optimization services are covered under different plans. Therefore, we are charging different prices according to it. However, Magento Optimization prices depend on the current speed of the website, theme, and programming setup. Please share with us your website link and let us check in depth. We will recommend the best match strategy and pricing accordingly.
How does your Magento 2 speed optimization service aid in business generation?
Our Magento speed optimization services allow you to drive more traffic to your website by increasing your webpage speed. This will ultimately affect your conversion ratio and overall revenues of the business.
For what kind of businesses/industry/sectors you provide Magento based Ecommerce portal development, customization and migration services ?
We work with a broad range of businesses including small start-ups, large corporations, nonprofits or B2B/B2C channels.
VDC provides Ecommerce development services across many industries like

  • Finance
  • Trade
  • Food
  • Apparel
  • Technology
  • Arts
  • HealthCare
  • Real Estate

In which countries you provide or outsource Magento custom development solutions ?
Virtually, VDC provides Magento website customization services in any country round the globe. Yet, there are certain regions or countries in the world where we serve both online and on-site support also, namely – Indonesia, UK(London & few major cities), Malaysia, Germany(Berlin),Philippines, Singapore, New Zealand(Auckland alone), Canada, Australia and USA(Florida, California and other states as well).
How much time do your Magento experts take for speed optimization of the Magento store?
It depends upon the size of your store. If your website consists of more pages, then our experts might take more time to complete the process.
Which tools are more reliable for checking the page speed of my Magento Store?
There are diverse tools available online for checking the page speed of a website. But the most reliable tools are Google Page Speed Insights, GT Metrix, and Pingdom tools.
Will you help me in optimizing the mobile site speed of my store?
Of course, yes. Our experts will definitely help you in optimizing your mobile site by fixing issues and customizing it as per your requirements.
Can you assist me in speed optimization of my store?
Yes, Our Magento experts will aid you in improving the speed of your Magento 2 store after you hire our speed optimization services.

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