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Viha Digital Commerce Established in 2015. that provides value-added services at affordable rates to numerous small as well as medium-size businesses across the world.

A full-service ECommerce and Web development agency

Formed with a team of enthusiast software engineers, technology-specific experts, creative designers, and market-savvy SEO consultants, we are known as one of the pioneering ECommerce solutions provider in India. Our client base is spread across multiple regions including Europe, UK, North America, and Australia. We provide highly demanded, performance-oriented Magento, WordPress, Shopify, and Prestashop extensions, plugins, and modules. We also design many other software products relevant to different industries.


We’ve secure development area to ensure the stress-free work environment

Experts Team

Each one specializing in certain dedicated areas of technology, we’ve supporting culture

Our Milestones

We participate in 3-4 international events each year & our client retention is > 75%

Customer Friendly Mission in Viha Digital Commerce

Our Mission

Deliver context-specific, easy-to-use and feature-rich ECommerce stores for the businesses of all industries and sectors
VDC is an offshore web development & online marketing center with agile approach of development, briefly:

  1. Our process is proactive, quantifiable that helps our clients to go gradually
  2. We build service-oriented, scalable applications that give an edge to businesses as opposed to simply handing over a working piece of software
  3. We generate reusable, modular design with captivating UI/UX that sustains growth of customer’s business for years
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Our Vision

Deliver 24×7 uptime and responsive digital commerce solutions that allow businesses to offer remote access of their professional offerings

We architect fully web-enabled solution that replicates and automates business procedure of the physical store-front. Right from the presentation and display of the products to brand image, we take care of everything to make an application the most realistic, adoptable and master piece of software.

Branding 90%
Design 80%
Development 85%
employee friendly Vision in Viha Digital Commerce


Creative Team

Our devoted and professional team is always here to answer your questions and create absolutely unique product that specifically meets your needs!

CEO of Viha Digital Commerce eCommerce Web Developers Team

CEO - Krunal Padmashali

Kunal is a web/mobile app development veteran and knows the most common and specific ropes that come in the way. He directly communicates with the client and manages all major functions of the business.
Viha digital Commerce Team

VDC Team

Viha Digital Commerce Team
We are an eCommerce Web Development Firm leading with our Teams - Magento, Shopify, Designer, Marketing, Business Analyst, and Development.
Project Manager Viha Digital Conmerce

Project Manager

Project Manager
Janak Desai the Project manager operating on Project flow. He communicates with clients, Team heads based on a strategic plan and gets it done on customers satisfaction level.
They built a magento site for us. Very responsive, helpful and willing to go the extra mile to make sure you understand everything that is happening.


United States
Excellent service from start to finish. Efficient, affordable and high quality work.


United Kingdom
They are the most responsive and knowledgeable Magento developers I have worked with. I’m continuously impressed with them. It’s like having a developer in the next room.


United States