Looking for Magento 2 theme customization services?

All thanks to Magento, ecommerce websites and online stores get tremendous response from internet users due to their easy-to-use UI for online buying or selling. We, at Viha Digital Commerce, provide a variety of magento 2 theme development and design services decorated with SEO formats and magento 2 frontend development techniques. We are having best Magento Themes for various industry like Health, Medical, Automotive, Fashion, Construction, Photo Store etc. Our developers assist best to customize themes as per eCommerce online store demands.

We are team of 20+ Magento developers. With 100% satisfaction guarantee, we create visually stunning and device-neutral responsive themes to customize appearance of Magento store. We are expert at using all ingredients of the magento theme customization framework including Bootstrap, CSS, Adobe tools to get your customers mobile optimized user experience.

Types of Magento 2 Theme Development services we provide

  • New Theme creation from scratch
  • Magento existing theme customization
  • Development of same theme for Magento 2.x
  • Any complex problems related to Magento theme or frontend are accepted
  • Landing page design
  • Fix look and bugs in existing theme
  • Add new elements to Magento website theme

Highlights of our best Magento 2 Migration Service

Our design studio builds unique, idea-based theme to broaden your customer reach. Give professional look and fine-finishing touch to your online store that gets clicked and converted. Theme is at heart of an ecommerce website that allows your store to compete against the best industry names.

Take advantage of our skills to and pack your magento site’s theme with widgets and useful items that users love to navigate.

Why work with Viha Digital Commerce for Magento theme development?

  • 24*7 technical support
  • Our rates are competitive
  • Establish Multi-channel e-commerce store.
  • Optimized user-experience, assurance of load/speed test
  • Compatible with all modern browsers
  • Transparent workflow
  • Dedicated services at best price


I am totally new to this ``Ecommerce & Website” things. How shall we carry whole process?
Never fear, that’s why we are here. We talk in jargon-free language and guide sufficiently to all customers who are layman to IT.
How much does it cost to build Magento based Ecommerce website? An average pricing.
The cost of a website varies depending on several factors, just like the cost of a house may change on account of facilities. Though all standard website projects start with USD $750, it can add up to make $1,500 – $2,000 underpinning number and complexity of features that you may need.
For what kind of businesses/industry/sectors you generate Ecommerce portal?
We work with a broad range of businesses including small start-ups, large corporations, nonprofits or B2B/B2C channels.

VDC provides Ecommerce development services across many industries like finance, trade, food, apparel, technology, arts etc.

I want to implement a singleton feature in my existing Ecommerce site, how much charge and time it will take up?
Over the years, we have coded functionalities ranging from basic to advanced. Our team takes the time to get to know exact details for how particular functionality can be available and then serves estimation figures, you can proceed or reject based on those digits.
How long will it take to complete?
A standard Magento website takes approximately 100 days to create. If there are sublimate number of customizations, it may long last up to 150 days to build a rich Ecommerce (online store) web store.
For what kind of businesses/industry/sectors you provide Hire Magento developer services to create ecommerce store?
We work with a broad range of businesses including small start-ups, large corporations, nonprofits or B2B/B2C channels as Magento platform brings equally good ecommerce website features that can power any domain or shop website.
VDC provides Hire Magento developer services to develop any industry website like

  • Finance
  • Trade
  • Food
  • Apparel
  • Technology
  • Arts
  • HealthCare
  • Real Estate

In which countries you provide or outsource Magento developer services ?
Virtually, VDC provides Hire Magento developer services for any country round the globe. Yet, there are certain regions or countries in the world where we serve both online and on-site support/hiring also, namely – Indonesia, UK(London & few major cities), Malaysia, Germany(Berlin),Philippines, Singapore, New Zealand(Auckland alone), Canada, Australia and USA(Florida, California and other states as well).
Who will I work with in my project, how to interrupt or revise anything I dislike?
Each of our clients are allotted single point of technical as well as non technical person contact available 24×7. Just like with freelancers, with us, you directly talk with developers or other professionals. Some firms give little or no access to designers, that is not the case with VDC.

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