How do I get started?

The first step for getting started is to contact us on any number given on Viha Digital Commerce website, and email/send requirements file. Our senior representative will come back with all possible roadmaps towards objectives and solutions. To set expectations or “what will be included or excluded”, our developer team shall answer to your questions one-by-one, subject to complexity, number of features and proportionate hours of working for stipulated amount of money. We start soon once we sign the agreement.

How can I get assured that my money and time will not be wasted?

Multiple ways, please go through below:

  1. After clients input project to Viha Digital Commerce, we reply with detailed figures, prices and elaborate task-breakups. At this stage you can compare those with analogous software vendors.
  2. If you have problems or any concern for software methodology or process, talk with us and we will spend sufficient time and close loopholes in case. If you discover new model plan afterwards that is more beneficial, our team will adopt the same, but we recommend finalizing high-level design at the beginning itself so that project proves as ROI for both parties that creates WIN-WIN situation.
  3. Our management team comprises of qualified persons, fluent in English and likes to listen from customers. You can openly talk with them for any kind of conflict which you might have with technical staff.

Mostly, 2-3 days, maximum 5 days. Our technical lead person will inform you date and exact time when they are starting.

We use PayPal or Net banking. If it does not suit at your end due to tax options, 3rd party charges collection or on account of any other reasons, we will collaborate to determine what is convenient for both.

Yes, please drop us an email and we will share a google sheet which provides all information regarding prices, skill-sets and related level of expertise.

Yes you come to know. You can track and observe the work for each moment through VDC/RDP/Project Tracker tools. If you wish, developers can be hired on-site as well. Full time professional will work for 8 Hours, 5 days per week.

Although we have served complete Terms & Conditions here, if you need additional information or want ad-hoc answers from a human, please call us. Source code of entire software belongs to client only – including Copyright.

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