Viha Digital Commerce’s policies and standards all start and end with the customer as a focal point. That understanding the client’s requirements, developing first-grade solutions in accordance with those requirements, and building safe processes – remain at the center in all activities that we perform.

We strive and ensure that quality is maintained at every stage, and fulfill our commitments at the time of delivery and by providing best-in-class after-sales support. We keep an open channel of communication with all our present and past customers.

Each employee at our company is responsible for the quality work of their part, this essentially results in the combined improving end product. The quality policy is explained in a verbose manner during our training sessions and also at the time when a new professional joins the group.

Viha Digital Commerce provides ECommerce solutions & services to customers for management of their stores, streamlining their business processes, and for easy customer communication for mutual prosperity and happiness.

In most cases, we meet and exceed customer expectations by delivering on-time purpose-serving, futuristic websites, extensions, and tools that result in business agility and growth.

From time to time, we make significant improvements to enhance the in-house system which in turn results to deliver even better and fruitful outcomes that adds value to clients’ businesses.

Our quality metrics include:

  • Execution of effective internal audits
  • Updating services by using modern web technologies
  • Offering solutions at competitive rates
  • Personal commitment to client needs
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Delivering bug-free products
  • Timely delivery of services

We keep a laser focus on the health of equipment, infrastructure, and other resources to ensure zero data loss.

We understand that usage of credit or debit cards and financial transactions involve risk, hence we employ maximum security measures.

We ensure confidentiality and integrity of information assets required for stakeholders and customers during the time of building any software product.

At the completion of each project, we compile elaborate documentation for all our work so that customers do not face any difficulty while using their website or any related component.

Our strong and skilled workforce is the backbone of our success.

We design and construct according to guidelines by international standards like the OSI layer model, Open Source Group, and Systems Design Life Cycle(SDLC).

Our quality measures are recognized by a few leading brands of the world who have worked with us for their various requirements.

All our efforts are steered with an aim of achieving 100% customer satisfaction.