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Looking to hire Magento 2 developer?

If you want to hire a Magento developer remotely or on-site at competitive rates from countries like India, Viha Digital Commerce offers certified Magento 2 developers. While our hourly rates are much lesser than that of your native region consultants, we guarantee the technical expertise of our professionals that will achieve your same level of productivity within the stipulated time-frame.

We offer all our clients 100% confidentiality maintained over their data and executions. We have flexible engagement models - you can hire Magento eCommerce developers for part-time or full-time as per your needs. We support your choice of communication medium: Skype, Phone, E-mail, or Video conferencing. Our existing and huge client base speaks of our bright success and proves to outsource a completely viable and cost-saving option. Most trusted Magento agency for eCommerce web development, design & support for both version Community and Magento Enterprise Edition. We also assist with Cloud Hosting setup

Based on your requirements, you can opt specific option of our hire Magento developer service as mentioned below

  • Hire Hourly Basis [min 4 hrs]
  • Hire for Part Time
  • Hire for Full Time
  • Hire Project Basis

Why outsource Magento developer?

At first glance, it is a bit perplexing to hire a Magento certified developer on a remote location. At Viha Digital Commerce, a number of businesses from many countries are maintaining a consistent track record of success by outsourcing their projects. Our valuable customers get detailed reports which depict minute-by-minute basis work. By hiring experienced dedicated Magento ecommerce developers with Viha Digital Commerce, you are assured for both: number of hours work that we discussed earlier at the time of contract and technical productivity. With our monitoring in place, you get full control over your undertakings, a piece of mind and hundreds of coins saved every hour. Experts certified developer with the most experienced Magento Agency.

Why Viha Digital Commerce?

  • Support via multi-medium: Skype, Telephone, Chat & E-Mail
  • Interview and Select
  • 2x Cost Saving Compare to Local Hiring
  • Tight Control over The Team
  • Security and IP Protection
  • Expert Project Trackers like JIRA, Redmine etc.
  • Dedicated services at best price


Do you provide resume of Magento developers?
Yes, of course. We present names and CVs of our all software developers in the first place itself. You can hire based on skills, experience & rates that match your requirements.
Do you provide Hire Magento developer service for smaller assignments?
In terms of size, project should comprise at least 2 hours or more work. For lesser than that size, we don’t provide this service.
Do you provide Hire Magento developer service for Wider assignments?
Yes, We are. We have experienced and certified developers who are managing our clients remotely for both versions – Magento Community and Magento Enterprise Edition.

In what cases hiring complete team is beneficial over individual developer or project basis contract?
Although hiring a complete team brings you many advantages, we recommend to pursue this option only when you are technical person or another company as opposed to individual.
Presented below are some advantages that hiring team option offers

  • You get better control over team members.
  • You can change the tasks or projects frequently, so if you have series of jobs sorted out, hiring developer or team is gracious over outsourcing standard project.
  • You want deeply customized work according to what is in your mind, and you know skill names and related outcomes.

Therefore, you can be selective in forming the team from multiple sources.

Can you reveal monthly or hourly rates of Magento developers straight away?
It is USD $15-$20. Exact rate depends on specific resource’s performance. These are charges for 2+ hours assignments. We may cater little concessions for monthly basis, that is 20 days, 8 hours per month.
What is the process of hiring?
It is simple, do your paperwork and call or mail us with detailed requirements file. We shall analyze and suggest proposed models to hire developers with specific skill-set. Once interviewed and selected, you need to pay 75% of total hours to start.
Which method of managing a dedicated developer is perfect?
In general, video conferencing and project trackers together depict all the information that you might ever need. But you can leverage multiple mediums for monitoring and tracking progress of your work including emails, whats app, call and skype for communication with developers. It helps you to be closer with them.
For what kind of businesses/industry/sectors you provide Hire Magento developer services to create ecommerce store?
We work with a broad range of businesses including small start-ups, large corporations, nonprofits or B2B/B2C channels as Magento platform brings equally good ecommerce website features that can power any domain or shop website.
VDC provides Hire Magento developer services to develop any industry website like

  • Finance
  • Trade
  • Food
  • Apparel
  • Technology
  • Arts
  • HealthCare
  • Real Estate

In which countries you provide or outsource Magento developer services ?
Virtually, VDC provides Hire Magento developer services for any country round the globe. Yet, there are certain regions or countries in the world where we serve both online and on-site support/hiring also, namely – Indonesia, UK(London & few major cities), Malaysia, Germany(Berlin),Philippines, Singapore, New Zealand(Auckland alone), Canada, Australia and USA(Florida, California and other states as well).
Can I change project afterwards?
Mostly, no. In case time is elapsed and work is completed for discussed project, you may deploy our developers in your other projects after discussing with us, but in no cases, our developers shall work on other than your projects.
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