Can you bet about the most accessible medium of releasing products online for sale? Even if you can, can you believe if we tell you that it requires no sound educational backup to do so? Online connectivity is one of the most critical breakthroughs that has happened in the 21st century. It is mandatory to display products online for sale to accelerate sales growth. Customer reviews about the product reveal the success or failure the firm would face w.r.t to how well the product was received. At Viha Digital Commerce a Shopify Partner, we provide comprehensive solutions to your e-commerce queries and pave the way for your entry into the online world of sales and marketing!

Why use Shopify?

The first step towards revamping obsolete procedures is restricted manual work to the minimum and push more towards exclusively designed platforms. Shopify is one such platform coded to limit manual scribbling and encourage ease in managing your online store. At Viha Digital Commerce, our experienced personnel is committed to resolving your problems in a shorter span as possible. The user-friendly and convenient-to-use platform enables easy handling for those who are newbies in the world of online retailing. Shopify has an inherently designed plethora of plans to suit business-specific needs. Our team at Shopify helps develop platforms according to your needs, and it is simple to incorporate, even in a long run.

Our Services speak for us

It is our responsibility to design user-friendly and attractive web pages to ensure a fluid walkthrough for customers when they visit the webpage. The effective and easy checkout process is a plus here. People tend to choose the path of least resistance and hence sales peak through. Our flexibility in service provision speaks for our commitment to the work. Our team of experts has flexible availability as per client needs. It is advantageous in cases where project urgency and requirements are too low or too high. You can book the experts as per your requirement and suitability. Our work ethics are too simple and can be summed up as being closely linked to the clients from commencement to the end of the project.
We let you hire dedicated Shopify developers for retail businesses. It is also possible to use Shopify for Wholesale Businesses. Our varied experience is a testimonial for providing the best e-commerce solution. It is an excellent medium as an e-commerce application in the wholesale industry to showcase products and enable sales. Our team of experts is flexible enough to extend or reduce their working hours according to client requirements.

Why should you hire us?

It seems adequate to hire Shopify developers for the wholesale industry rather than fixing or creating the webpage from scratch. Numerous businesses are successfully running their projects by outsourcing their projects to Shopify projects by hiring our team, as you can also utilize dedicated Shopify developers. Below are some of the prime features of our services.

  • Our Shopify handling team has distinctively handled many clarinets and has diverse experience in developing the website as per client needs. Our services include fixed working hours as per contract and technical efficiency to the fullest.
  • All the services are charged quite reasonably and are user-friendly for those who wish to step onto the online product sale without much of a headache.
  • Our services also include fixing bugs in the work/projects we haven’t worked on or setting up additional services as and when required.
  • The support we provide is extensively available via all professional networking platforms such as Skype, Telephone, e-mail, etc.
  • Our higher productivity would require fewer man-days compared to other service providers and thus is cost-saving for you too.
  • We believe in extending full support with flawless delivery of output and results. Our expert project tracking medium such as JIRA, Redmine, etc would let you know the status of any project with us.
  • We also provide the CVs of our professional developers to let you choose from the skills and competencies as per your need.
  • Our hiring team also offers customization and development of the work as per your need. With our experts, it is smooth to wholesale an eCommerce website on Shopify.
  • Our services are outsourced across countries like China, USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. Our developers have worked in varied industries such as finance, healthcare, Apparel, etc. to name a few.


It is a matter of a few projects, and you would soon be adding up to our repeat client projects once you have us. With our developers, you would be able to create a wholesale e-commerce website on Shopify and have full control throughout projects. In China, Wholesale Website development has seen a new upward trend, and they seem to be embracing this well. Visit our website, get in touch to procure a quote, and get started on a new journey altogether to increase your sales and revenue by many folds!

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