Let Magento Website Bestow Financial Success to Your Local Electronics Store

Let Magento Website Bestow Financial Success to Your Local Electronics Store

From those who purchase via internet, as much as 80% individuals look into the website of the same store where they are standing currently to find out products even while being in its physical premises.

Above statement concludes that e-commerce is an inevitable replacement of traditional shopping.

However, this article isn’t written to explain how much of importance it is to develop a website if you are running a local/domestic electronics goods shop.

Rather, you will get a fast-paced look out of features, themes, what should not be missed etc. while generating ecommerce website to sell electronics oriented gadgets, machines, stocks. If you have hosted an e-commerce site already, that is not defeated. You can equally add new functionalities later on.

How many websites from top 1 million use Magento? 13,000. Really

I assume that you are already using, or planning to utilize Magento framework in order to create assistive webshop.  

If your website doesn’t consume Magento framework under the hoods, reading further may not be as great as all examples, links in this blog include pointers to free or paid Magento stuff.

1. Select best Magento theme specifically for electronics store –

out of these 55+

Choose the Right Magento Theme to Launch Your Electronic Retail Store

For electronics industry, 10s of Magento themes are available from

  1. ThemeForest
  2. Magento marketplace
  3. Templatemonster
  4. Mojo marketplace for WordPress and Magento
  5. Creative market
  6. My Theme Shop

Obviously, only sheer number of themes are free. Go according to your budget.

Nowadays, it is NOT mostly advisable to create a website from scratch, as a brought theme can be equally customized afterwards to match with your business context.

Never delay to launch.

Most templates from above sites are 5-star and comes for USD $20-$80, isn’t that cost effective?

Few themes offered from above 6 places/sites possess full potential to make swift ROI(return on investment) for your money, that you invested to develop a website.

Magento theme helps your business adopt ecommerce.

2.Key Rule: Never challenge customers patience when they are buying electronics goods from your  website

User Friendly Website is a Game Changing Card for eCommerce Business

While measuring user experience, “check out simplicity” is game changing card for an e-commerce website.

Without wasting time on thinking

  • How would be readymade checkout plugins?
  • Should we better hire a developer and customize?

etc. , you may quickly buy any standard single page checkout Magento extension from Mageplaza.

Or you can buy, at a reasonable rate, various authentic e-commerce products such as

and many others – that I offer.

3. Features that must be present in Electronics Showroom website

Required eCommerce Features for Electronic Store

  1. Retina ready images
  2. Google Map showing location of your shop(s)
  3. Cross-browser support, at least Firefox, Chrome, Opera desirable
  4. Multi-currency
  5. Section reserved for Featured Products
  6. New Arrivals section
  7. Shop by brand
  8. Wishlist
  9. Add to cart
  10. Customer Sign Up & Log In
  11. 100% cross-device, screen neutral web pages
  12. Mega Menu Bar with Categories and Subcategories
  13. Social media sites integration
  14. Back to Top button
  15. Well adjusted SEO settings
  16. Clearly readable fonts
  17. Minimalist page layout & super simple navigation
  18. Flexible payment options
  19. SEO friendly AJAX implementation to reduce refreshing
  20. High-speed rendering of content

These all result in immense business growth as website visitors can easily search, navigate and buy electronics products that you are selling.

4. Did you ask your provider to give PSD before disbursing payment cheque?

Ask for PSD File or Switch Your Provider

Ability to exercise over various website parts is good. It tightens your grip over electronics business.

This modification of website parts is, of course, done by logging into Admin panel of Magento

Well, what you can do with Magento Admin back end panel?

  1. Change Header/Footer styles
  2. Apply new CSS effects
  3. Modify website colors/skins
  4. Alter many settings

What can you not do with help of Magento Admin panel?

  1. Entirely design a new theme
  2. Huge layout modifications of all web pages at par
  3. Convert existing theme to Magento version 2
  4. Greater exercise over look and feel of a website

Therefore PSD(Photoshop Design) files ownership should be discussed at beginning of the contract. Reject those who don’t provide.

5. Choose intuitive domain name like ElectronicsMarketUSA

Or like something over non-relative words. It has SEO weightage.

6. Integrate Magento based Electronics Store with Mailchimp

To earn income, business should be a known unit.

Magento Mailchimp

And before any business can become popular, people should have read or heard its name previously, repetitively, on one or more communication mediums.

Let it be email or electronic post medium because it allows to target 5,000-20,000 people in a single shot.  Your business comes in personal contact with customer.

Further, in an email campaign, you will add only selected entities or persons who are interested in purchasing electronics commodities that are your speciality or USP(unique selling point).

Magento doesn’t come prebuilt with this type facility, and Mailchimp is best to add that.

Few ecommerce experts have created related Magento extensions, choose that you like.

7. Accounting, Billing & Taxation

There is a difference between an ERP software and ecommerce software.

Manage Financial Purchase Process in Magento

While ecommerce framework allows merchants to market their professional offerings in front of external public, ERP helps managing internal business process.

And Magento is an ecommerce software. Why not combine ERP and eCommerce to gain best of both. Just like other businesses, an electronics physical storefront also needs to create invoices, collect payments, file income tax return statements etc.

Just turn to this list, and you’re all set up to manage financial data in Magento.

I don’t suggest any particular Accounting package. Before purchasing an ERP, check with the first party vendor’s site that whether it supports latest tax rules of your country or not.

Then comes the two actions in chronological order:

  1. First, you ought to buy monthly subscription of that selected ERP
  2. Second, you still have to spend coins to connect Magento extension of that ERP with your website.

Although, initially, the facility seems costly, it nurtures extravagant support to execute business operations. In turn, you can focus on pivotal business activities with less headache on office and paperwork.

8. Strategic Design Recommendations for Electronics Store Website

Recommendations for Electronics Store Website

There are many factors which play their role in convincing website visitors. We generally call them as “strong value propositions”. They silently argue for why you are the best website to source rather competitors.

Briefly, these call-to-action objects are

  • Catchy website logo
  • Security certificates, like anti-virus enabled store, W3C validation symbol
  • Detail item information and product specification
  • Blogs and latest industry buzz articles, like exploration of alternative electrical devices that consume less power
  • Discreet color combination, no more than 5-7 colors
  • Quick links to trending electronics products
  • Call-to-actions, like Buy Now, Add To Wish List – near the product image

To conclude, store should look branded, reflecting same environment as that of your physical outlet ambience.

9. When customizing, use widely used web components

This is synonymous with that we mostly prefer to buy something from a crowded or highly sought after shop’s services.

Use Widely Used Web Components

Similarly, instruct your app developer to leverage the most commonly used technological components. For example, to nurture animated effects on a website, CSS framework namely Bootstrap is preferable instead many others. And utilizing standard web components, by no means, indicates that our website identity will become non-unique.

The same applies to the marketing flank.

If you ever rely on external eCommerce SEO Packages, collaborate with an agency that provides a detailed report of keywords ranking on the first page of Google.

Don’t collaborate with an SEO company that denies working on keywords that you want to rank on search engines or that selects odd SEO keywords which are less likely to bring relevant traffic to your electronics web store.

10. Optimize your electronic store performance

You know why every eCommerce store owner desires to improve the store’s performance. It’s because even a hundred-millisecond delay can have a negative impact on their conversion ratio. Performance must be thoroughly evaluated in order to assure the success of any e-commerce enterprise. As a result, the store’s performance is critical and should be thoroughly assessed.

The tactics listed below might help you measure your store’s performance and make your eCommerce Electronic store run faster.

Magento Speed Optimization

1. Measure your Magento store Performance?

Use these free internet tools if your electronic eCommerce store is running slowly. They gather and analyze lab findings in order to determine the root causes of your store’s poor performance. In addition, these tools provide you with recommendations for Magento speed optimizations.

  • Google Pagespeed insights
  • GTMetrix
  • WebPageTest
  • Pingdom
  • Up Trends

From all of the tools listed above, Google Page Insights is the best tool for evaluating the performance of your website. Let’s take a look at how you may use this tool to track the success of your store.

  • Magento Speed OptimizationEnter your Ecommerce Store URL on this page and click Analyze to evaluate the performance of the store.
  • Magento Speed OptimizationGoogle gives your website a score out of 100 based on many performance optimization best practices.
  • Google also provides recommendations to optimize your store Performance as shown in the image.

The identification of the issues for the low performance and speed of your store will help you to fix the issues efficiently.

Magento Speed Optimization

The identification of the issues for the low performance and speed of your store will help you to fix the issues efficiently.

2. Minifying JSS and CSS:

You can obtain speed optimization of your Magento store by minifying JSS and CSS Files. Minifying them removes all of the spaces, tabs, and newlines from the files. This reduces the number of characters on the file so that it may be downloaded faster.

In Magento, you can enable reduce the size of CSS/JSS in the Admin section. Follow these steps to enable JavaScript minification:

  • put Magento on production mode
  • Go to Stores > Configuration > Advanced > Developer
  • Set Minify Javascript Files option to Yes
  • Save Config
  • Flush Cache at System > Cache Management page

Magento Speed Optimization

Minifying CSS Files:

To begin, switch Magento to production mode.

2. Select Stores > Configuration > Advanced > Developer > CSS Settings from the Stores menu.

3. Select Yes for the Minify CSS Files option.

4. Save the Configuration

5. Go to System > Cache Management and flush the cache.

Magento Speed Optimization

3. Choose fast hosting services:

A reliable hosting server is vital for Magento 2 performance. A dedicated hosting server is usually faster than shared hosting services. So, if you can afford dedicated hosting services, you should definitely go for them.

4. Enable CDN (Content Delivery Network):

You can also use a Content Delivery Network to speed up your Magento store.

From the Admin panel, go to Store > Configuration > General. Click Web which is under the General tab. Then, you can explore the Base URLs (Secure) section and add HTTPS URLs.

5. Optimize your Images:

If your images are not compressed, it is possible that your website will take longer to load. As a result, image optimization is critical for the speed and performance optimization of your store.

6. Keep a check on third party extensions:

Using third-party extensions without ensuring their safety can have a negative impact on your store’s performance. As a result, it is critical to use safe and secure third-party extensions.

The steps outlined above will assist you in providing a better user experience to your customers by increasing the speed and performance of your Electronic eCommerce store and by decreasing your store’s bounce rates.

What else?

That’s it. I am done with what I had in my bag.

I hope this article went as a useful time investment for you.