An image CDN reduces image payload, delivers images tailored specifically to each requesting device, and sends images instantly from the network’s edge. The three most important advantages of an Image Engine are as follows:

  • Speed Up Magento 2 by reducing WebPageloading time
  • Improved SEO Rankings
  • Enhanced User Experience

Global Image Content Delivery Network(CDN)

ImageEngine has transformed the CDN industry by developing a smarter image CDN. ImageEngine operates a global image content delivery network (CDN) that extends to 18 different regions. ImageEngine’s containerized device-aware edge servers from a network within these regions rapidly expand to meet the needs of the Magento Merchants. ImageEngine’s CDN provides speed and image optimization that speeds up the Magento stores by more than 30%.

Speed Up Magento 2 with ImageEngine CDN

Image Engine Features

Device Detection:

ImageEngine leverages its proprietary mobile device detection intelligence to provide the most effective image optimization in the industry. ImageEngine’s industry-leading image optimization relies on mobile device detection. You can achieve a 30% increase in image payload reduction and quality by using Image Engine’s CDN.

Image Optimization:

An image CDN will use the device’s parameters to automatically resize, compress, and convert large original images into optimized images using next-generation file formats such as WebP and AVIF. An image CDN, such as ImageEngine, will frequently reduce the image payload by up to 80%.

Delivery by Image CDN:

Image CDNs, such as ImageEngine, have edge servers strategically located around the world. By bringing optimized images closer to requesting customers and using logic to deliver them immediately from the cache, we can often provide a 50 percent faster web page download time than traditional CDNs.

How is ImageEngine’s Architecture Different from Traditional CDNs?

Magento Speed Optimization

A traditional Content Delivery Network (CDN) boosts performance by shortening the geographic distance between website visitors and website servers.

ImageEngine, on the other hand, is a global image content delivery network. It builds on the geographic proximity approach of a traditional CDN, but it also incorporates two additional enhancements.

1)Device Detection:

Each edge server on an image CDN detects devices. ImageEngine’s edge servers recognize the device model and browser that is requesting the images in real-time. Device detection also provides critical information for image optimization, such as screen resolution and dimensions, pixels per inch, and support for WebP, AVIF, or JPEG 2000 (JP2) image file formats.

2)Image Optimization:

The second enhancement is to incorporate image optimization into the CDN process. When you request an image for the first time, ImageEngine will retrieve the original image from the website’s storage (also known as the “origin”). The image will then be resized, compressed, and converted into a file format appropriate for the device and browser.

How to integrate ImageEngine CDN?

A developer with appropriate access to control panels on your Magento Ecommerce Store can integrate an ImageEngine CDN in about 10 minutes. The Image engine integration comprises of following steps:

  • Create an account on the ImageEngine CDN.
  • Designate the image origin, which is usually a domain name or hostname where the original images can be found.
  • Use the image CDN’s hostname or create a custom domain (via a CNAME) to serve the images. (Documentation links)
  • Update image tags to include the image CDN hostname

How an Image engine CDN will help in improving the performance of the Magento Store?

Fast Magento Store:

In the twenty-first century, people prefer fast websites. It is because slow websites frustrate visitors, who then bounce back. ImageEngine CDN can help you develop a fast Magento store and thereby provide a better user experience to your visitors.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)/ Search Engine Results Pages (SERP):

Image optimization has a significant impact on how search engines rank a website. As image engine CDN succeeds in cutting off seconds of the load time, search engine rankings are likely to improve.

Reduce Bounce Rate:

Images improve the appearance of Magento websites, but they slow down page loading and thus increase bounce rates. Images, on the other hand, can be compressed and easily loaded by utilizing the image engine CDN. As a result, the website’s bounce rate will be reduced.

Enhanced User Experience:

Image Engine CDN assists you in providing a better user experience by optimizing the speed and performance of your Magento store. Using Image Engine CDN, you can create a dynamic e-commerce website by uploading a large number of images.

Increased Return on Investment (ROI):

Image CDNs typically have a very strong ROI based on revenue increases, simplified workflows, and overall CDN cost savings.

Increases Conversion Rate:

Most users prefer websites that have a good user experience and load quickly. By integrating image CDN into your Magento store, you can significantly improve the speed and performance of your store, as well as the conversion ratio.


The success of any Magento eCommerce store is dependent on the performance of the mobile web. This is due to the fact that nearly half of all users access the website through mobile devices. ImageEngine CDN aids in the detection of devices and, accordingly, the size of the images is reduced. Users will be able to access the web pages more easily in this way

Boosts sales revenue:

By optimizing your store’s overall speed and performance, CDN can also help you increase your overall sales.

Payload Reduction for Images:

Images account for more than 60% of the payload on a typical website. On average, an image engine CDN can reduce the image payload by 60% to 80%. This will undoubtedly aid in increasing the number of visitors to your website.

ImageEngine helps in the maintenance of a global website:

If your customer base is international and spread across various countries around the world, it is critical that you use the Image Engine CDN to provide a superior user experience to global consumers.

Final Words:

ImageEngine CDN provides developers with the best solutions for creating dynamic Magento stores without sacrificing speed or performance. If you want to provide a better user experience to your customers, certified Magento Developers recommend integrating the ImageEngine CDN into your Magento store. If you need assistance, please contact us at


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