Almost all Magento store owners are concerned about their store’s performance. According to Akamai research, 64% of dissatisfied online customers are less likely to buy from or return to a slow eCommerce store. As a result, every Magento store owner must optimize their Magento store. Using sucuri CDN is one of the most important ways to Speed up Magento store. Sucuri CDN is configured using several techniques that will assist you in developing a Fast Magento Store. It allows you to provide a better user experience to your visitors by loading the content in the blink of an eye. The Sucuri CDN automatically caches your website’s content. On average, sucuri CDN will Speed up Magento Store by 70%.

How to Speed Up Magento Store with Sucuri CDN

Why is Sucuri best for Magento?

Secure and Faster Magento Store:

Sucuri is a website security company that also offers a CDN as part of its protection platform. Sucuri’s CDN provides cutting-edge performance and features at an affordable price for Magento Stores. Sucuri CDN’s exceptional features will assist you with the speed optimization of your Magento Store.

The setup is simple.

It is also backed by best-in-class research and free technical support from a team of experienced professionals. It is quite simple to set up Sucuri CDN on the Magento Store. You can test the Sucuri CDN and website firewall for free for one month to see how it improves the security and speed of your website.

Features of Sucuri CDN:

Website Speed Optimization:

Sucuri’s caching options and global content delivery network can improve website speed by up to 70% on average (CDN).

Several Caching Options:

For every type of website, there are numerous caching options. The use of sucuri ensures security and speed optimization.

Reliability of Website Uptime

Sucuri assists Magento Merchants in keeping their Magento website operating smoothly 24 hours a day. Sucuri CDN also provides faster website load times and consistent website uptime.

High availability and redundancy

Sucuri provides high availability and redundancy in the event of a network failure. The CDN is backed up by a globally distributed network.

How Sucuri can help you to Improve Magento2 Performance?

1. High-Performance Servers

Sucuri has Multiple data centers around the world that use the best hardware and proprietary technology to Speed up Magento Store. This way Sucuri helps you to Improve Magento Store performance from any corner of the world.

2. Fast Response Times

If you require the fastest possible response time for your Magento store, you should use sucuri CDN. You can also use sucuri’s advanced services by selecting the plan that is best suited to your Magento store.

3. Anycast Global Network

Sucuri WAF and CDN technology are built on a global Anycast network that includes 10 SuperPOPs in the United States, Europe, and Asia, as well as two CDN POPs in Australia and Brazil.

4. Extremely Fast HTTP/2 Support

HTTP/2 significantly improves performance for the majority of websites. Sucuri has made HTTP/2 the default setting on all of its websites.

5. Options for Smart Caching

With three levels of granular site caching available, you can speed up your Magento store. Take advantage of the caching options, which were created to meet the needs of any type of website.

6. Extremely Well-Optimized Configuration

Sucuri professional assists you in fine-tuning the settings of your Magento store to provide maximum performance and protection with custom options. You can select whatever best meets your needs or requirements.

How to Activate Website Hack Protection and DDoS Attack Prevention with Sucuri

There are four important steps that need to be followed to protect your Magento Website from DDOS attacks. They are as follows

  • Add your Magento Website to Sucuri Web Application Firewall
  • Turn On the CDN
  • Add SSL and Protect Data in Transit
  • Choose from the caching Data

Add your Magento Website to Sucuri Web Application Firewall:

To get started, simply enter your website’s URL after signing up. Select the option “I am currently under attack” if your site is under a DDoS attack. You can also limit admin access to IP addresses that are listed as allowable. There are more setting options available.

Turn on the CDN:

Change your DNS records to enable the website CDN. Sucuri will serve your site faster once activated by caching it across our global network. With a simple support request, our analysts are always happy to set it up for you.

Protect Data in Transit by Adding SSL:

Regardless of whether you already have an SSL certificate (HTTPS), Sucuri will assist you to generate one for your firewall server using Let’s Encrypt. Custom SSL certificates can be uploaded to Professional or Business plans.

Caching Options are available:

Caching is a fantastic feature of the Sucuri Firewall. Not only is your website safe from hacks and attacks, but it also loads faster thanks to our high-performance caching. If you have any questions, please contact us.

To sum Up:

The Sucuri CDN handles your Magento Store caching automatically. With no configuration, the CDN can improve the performance of your website by up to 70%. So, what are you still waiting for? Also, check for other Best CDN Providers For Magento 2 Store. Follow the above procedure to activate sucuri CDN on your Magento store and enjoy the benefits of a fast and secure Magento store. You can reach us at Viha Digital Commerce or Email Us at for Certified Magento Developers assistance.


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