Fastly is a content delivery network (CDN). It assists you in the transmission of your content to your end-users in an efficient manner by automatically storing copies at intermediate locations on a temporary basis.

“Fastly delivers its CDN service from key access points to the internet called “points of presence” (POPs). When end users request your content objects, Fastly delivers them from whichever of the cache locations is closest to each end user.

Key Features of Fastly:

  • Fast Content Delivery
  • Reverse Proxying
  • Reliable & Fast CDN
  • 30 POP( Point Of Presence) Around the world
  • Programmatic Control
  • Real-Time Observability
  • Build-in Security

Why Fastly + Magento

Magento merchants strive to improve their Magento speed optimization in order to provide their visitors with an excellent user experience. Because it differs from traditional CDN, Fastly CDN is a one-stop solution for merchants. Fastly helps to improve the user experience in a quick and seamless manner, resulting in higher conversion rates and average order values.

The Admin panel, also helps you deliver the entire storefront more quickly. It protects your Magento Store from traffic spikes by updating content globally. From the cache, it quickly assists in serving personalized content such as shopping cart information or recommendations. You can use the cache to alter and customize images.

Improve Magento 2 Store Performance Using Fastly

How Fastly CDN helps to improve the Speed and Performance of the Magento Store?

Magento Speed and Performance have a direct impact on the conversion Ratio. Customers usually abandon websites with lower Performance. According to Google, if a mobile page takes longer than 3 seconds to load, 53% of users will abandon it. Let us Check out how Fastly CDN offers the best solution for Improving the Magento Speed Optimization of your Magento Store.

Improve your website’s and mobile app’s performance

  • Fastly assist in full-page caching at the edge of your Magento storefront for faster web and mobile performance.
  • Provides Better User Experience to your Customers by Cache items like shopping cart content, login messages, personalized blocks showing “most recently viewed products,”
  • Keep open “hot connections” between your cache and your origin to improve Magento2 Performance.

Fast Content Delivery:

  • Personalized content such as shopping cart content, login messages, and personalized blocks to show “most recently viewed products” or recommendations can be delivered Faster with Fastly CDN.
  • Cache entire webpages with Edge Side Include (ESI), a web standard that allows our caches to mix and match cacheable and uncacheable content. This aids in replacing dynamic elements with ESI blocks and allows you to inject visitor-specific HTML before sending out full-page requests.
  • By detecting their geo-IP or accept-language, automatically redirect shoppers to a localized store.

Update your Content Globally:

  • Distribute your eCommerce site in real-time across a global network of strategically placed points of presence (POPs).
  • From the Magento backend, instantly and automatically purge invalid objects so your visitors always see the most up-to-date information across a multi-channel strategy.
  • Surrogate Keys can be used to purge related sets of objects in a single request.

Protect your Magento platform from Traffic Spikes:

  • Fastly’s powerful, high-performance network absorbs traffic spikes so your website never goes down, even during peak traffic periods like flash sales, the holiday season, or potential DDoS attacks.
  • When you update or publish a large amount of new content, reduce origin traffic by collapsing requests from all Fastly POPs into a single origin request.
  • Ensure an uninterrupted user experience even if your origin server goes down or takes longer than usual to update. It displays slightly stale content instead of an error message until Fastly fetches the new content from Magento in the background.

Optimize Images For Increasing Page Loading Speed:

  • The page loading speed of the eCommerce store decreases due to Larger images. Though images help to create a dynamic Magento website it affects user engagement negatively.
  • Fastly Image Optimizer (IO) can resize, adjust quality, crop/trim, change orientations, and convert formats on demand. It also aids in serving images faster and more cost-effectively.
  • You can even detect visitor attributes like device and geolocation to serve the best version of an image by offloading your image transformation logic to the edge.

Simplify Storefront Management While Increasing Functionality:

  • You may need to manage multiple layers in many Magento deployments, including WAFs, load balancers, Varnish cache servers, admin servers, and more. Not only can this be time-consuming and difficult to manage, but it may also add latency and cost if multiple requests must be sent back to your origin.
  • With a two-tier cache, Fastly can help you simplify your Magento management stack. Fastly’s network of strategically placed points of presence (POPs) brings content closer to your users, and Fastly’s Origin Shield makes requests to your origin easier.

Easy To Install & Use:

  • In less than 30 minutes, you can install Fastly’s free, open-source extension.
  • Set custom TTLs for specific pages or content types, disable caching for personalized content such as shopping cart information and use the debug options to help identify potential issues.
  • Purge requests can be made without logging into your Fastly account using an API call.
  • All Fastly services come with free standard customer support, with the option of upgrading to premium support for a monthly fee.
  • Fastly was designed to assist users who want to self-serve as well as those who require more assistance; as a result,
  • Technical documentation is available at to assist newbies or beginners.

Final Words:

Fastly has advanced features like reverse proxying and instant purging that enable dynamic content to be served efficiently. It quickly fetches and stores content from the customer’s origin server as it is requested, rather than requiring a single initial cache fill.

Customers can perform updates in as little as 200 milliseconds using this “instant purging” method. Fastly distinguishes itself from its competitors by serving dynamic content in an efficient manner. If you are not tech-savvy and are facing issues with your Adobe Commerce store, then you can take advantage of our Adobe Commerce developer by opting for our Magento Services. For any queries regarding Best CDN Providers For Magento 2 Store, you can reach us at


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