The WordPress 5.0 Release, the news says brings in additional features in this content management system. The new release is now available in around 37 different languages.

WordPress 5.0 A power packed CMS with New Editor, Theme and Other Features

Latest features of WordPress 5.0

Talking about WordPress 5.0 it has introduced block based amazing editor that gives you a seamless editing method. The new editor works great in including media content and helps rearrange all content types.

Each set of content is embedded in an individual block that lets site owners arrange the content they want. Each block has headings, paragraphs, images, quotes, videos and galleries.

If you like Classic Editor, offers the plug-in for latest Classic editor that claims to work flawlessly through 2021. The plug-in actually old edit post screen, WordPress editor and allows you to utilize the plugins which expand it.

WordPress suggest that users of dependable technology must make use of Classic editor in case they find problems with latest block editor.

Default Theme

If you are looking out for WordPress Theme Customization service then you should know that Twenty Nineteen is the latest default theme developed to highlight the efficiency of new editor.

The themes make use of editor styles so that when you use the editor to create content you can actually view how the content would look at the front end. This gives you a clear idea of how your content will be displayed.

It includes a sufficient amount of white-space, classic serif – body text, sans-serif headlines and other system fonts so that the loading speed is increased.

WordPress takes of developers too and thus WordPress Customization service is taken to a next level through the features offered for developers.

  • Blocks offer an easy method for the users to directly edit content wherein the sentence structure remains intact and not hindered due to any code edits that happen by mistake. This lets the developer have a better control over the end result, creating systematic semantic markup which is protected via edits and cannot be damaged easily.
  • The developers can reap in the benefits of a range of APIs plus interface components available to build the blocks easily natural controls of the clients. Using these components accelerates the development speed and offers a usable, consistent and easily accessible interface for the users.
  • The new pattern of blocks gives new wings to imagination and creativity especially to cater to users needs. The integrated block insertion continuity it becomes easy for both customers and clients to make use of blocks for any content type. Developers can pay more attention to their vision so that they can offer great editing experience than just spending time around tedious APIs.

How latest 5.0 block editor can help WooCommerce?

If you are planning to hire Remote WordPress developers India, to work on your WooCommerce site, then make sure you gain some knowledge about how new block editor can help your site and business.

Using the Products block for WooCommerce can help you display your product pages and posts. You can easily sort and filter the products by different types of criteria. You can easily modify display features for example number of columns/rows.

It is a wonderful and strong method of showcasing products in your content as compared to other older solutions like toolbar buttons, short-codes that were present in classic TinyMCE Editor.

The feature plugin that is products block is a completely user friendly plug in that helps improve user experience.

WordPress 5.0 – Yoast SEO

Despite of the fact that WordPress 5.0 Release Date is not yet confirmed the WordPress marketing solution companies are is waiting to unleash its newly incorporated features.

Talking about the Yoast SEO 8.0 which is a plugin that supports WordPress 5.0, Yoast SEO sidebar is included with a lot of features

What is new in WordPress 5.0

Apart from the new updates that are quite minor of many of us, WordPress 5.0 is still different. Instead of focusing on small little improvements the WordPress 5.0 Release has given more importance to the 2 things that are

  • New WordPress editor  – Gutenberg
  • Twenty Nineteen new theme

Other than this a few bug fixes are worked upon but ideally its is jut Gutenberg.

Gutenberg  – What is it?

Gutenberg started as a change in WordPress Editor – a interface to designed to carry out editing, adding and manage content. It makes content management easier so that anyone can create amazing content layouts with the help of  UI that is block based.

why to choose gutenburg as WordPress editorBasically the interface helps changes the basics of how content creation and management works. It has given content management a new definition.

It has changed the entire WordPress experience for both developers and users. Gutenberg introduces you to the new frameworks, functionality, interaction structure, user experiences using WordPress.

Gutenberg is now a default editor that comes with WordPress 5.0 installation

Well, don’t worry if you do not want to use Gutenberg the default editor that comes with WordPress 5.0 as you can still install – Classic Editor plugin. This allows you to use Gutenberg and Classic editor simultaneously.

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How website owners should be prepared for WordPress 5.0?

Website owners actually should prepare to develop the new version of the website they own for WordPress 5.0 once the build is available. The website owners should try and start sooner and invest time in testing their updated website plugins and pages.

The website owners can get rid of the unnecessary stress by doing this prior to the latest version of the website is live and it will also save them from facing revenue loss.

Building a new website will not be the choice of many website owners but they can consider the WordPress update as a chance to revamp their website and build a new strategy that makes use of personalized content. As the WordPress 5.0 Release date is still not declared website owners can start saving some money so that they can later invest when WordPress 5.0 is released.

Use Test site to install WordPress 5.0

 It is highly recommended that you use a test site to install WordPress 5.0 or use staging environment of your host. This will help you not to have any adverse affect on the live site.

Backup for your WordPress site is necessary

It is important to take backup of the WordPress site if you are just not testing it on a staging or development site. There are a plenty of amazing plugins for WordPress backup that you can make use of for back up.

As WordPress 5.0 is a major change so make sure you take a downloadable backup of whole site you own. This means back up of all your MySQL database and files.


WordPress 5.0 plus Gutenberg is a big update entering WordPress and it will certainly change how users connect with editor and manage content. Also, it will change how developers will code plugins as well as themes. So, just be prepared for the major change.

Release date for WordPress 5.0

A lot of people involved in WordPress Marketing and working with the clients who are operating WordPress, remember, you can install classic editor or just disable the update till the next one.


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