What to Expect from the New Magento 2.3 Release?

What to Expect from the New Magento 2.3 Release?

Magento is all set to introduce its latest version 2.3 may be by 2018 year end. Apart from the features that you enjoyed in its earlier versions the new release is going to be loaded with unique features too.

If you own an eCommerce store then you will be excited to know the benefits and added customized features that you can get with the release of new Magento version.

If you are planning to hire Magento Version Upgrade Service, to upgrade to the new Magento 2.3 platform then read the article to know how Magento 2.3 can be useful for your eCommerce business and how Magento 2 Development Company can help you.

What to Expect from the New Magento 2.3 Release

Magento 2.3 Features

Page Builder

Magento 2.3 has incorporated this essential improvement of local CMS and page builder is about rewriting Blue Foot CMS that is adopted by Magento for providing improved content management service for all store owners.

Page builder also comprises of interesting drag and drop feature design management along with template building plus smooth UX especially for those that are non-technical.

It will be offered with new Magento Commerce 2.3.

Progressive Web Apps

The introduction of new Magento 2.3 will bring in a change in Magento Upgrade Service and Progressive Web Apps which is termed as PWA is considered as the ecommerce future as they add extraordinary feel to all the local apps.

In order to determine how useful PWA would be for ecommerce store owners, Magento is going to release PWA along with 2.3 versions.

PWA will have a series of powerful tools to help Magento 2 Developers build the front end of Magento.

Two factor – Authentication

One of the best security features that you will discover with Magento 2.3 release which will be quite important in terms of security. It will be launched with latest version of 2.2 users with a facility to make use of composer support and command line interface.

The feature will be activated with higher security as the user will be asked to give out additional information to use the store.

Enhancements in Import/Exports

The new Magento 2.3 is going to add the very new feature of import/export which will be launched with new improvements related to speed and stability for the admins. This will eradicate the need to depend on third party extensions which was earlier used for this purpose.

Multi store – Inventory

The multi store inventory function can help store owners to manage the inventory from multiple sources easily without using any 3rd party extensions. The store owners will also be able to monitor the inventory level that can control to transport items from multiple retail stores or warehouses.

The inventory will then be highlighted under a new format in the database which directly enhances the performance and safeguard the database from sealing the order.

Declarative Database Schema

The most important addition that all the store owners will find it exciting after the launch of the new version is declarative database mechanism. With the help of this amazing feature, certified Magento Developers will be able to remodel the different sections of modules following a clear code. Also, it will add some important improvements in performance which will make the development process easier.

Asynchronous API

The new versions of Magento support multiple APIs to run at the same time. With this version Magento 2.3 there is an incredible facility to request API and they can be in put up on waiting list until the requests are completed.

With this added feature the eCommerce store will be able to get basic improvements in Magento performance. The feature will be compatible with commerce and open source version both and it would be a perfect choice if you opt for Magento Store Development Company.

Elastic Search

It is considered as a 3rd party perfect search engine that can easily operate on a dedicated server and it can be modified based on the speed and relevance of the search results of instore.

The feature is supported by eCommerce.


The new Magento version will easily support GraphQL which is an API technology that allows PWA to extract and deliver the relevant information from online store having low data packs. This can be transformed and make faster loading as compared to regular APIs that can be utilized at present by the framework.

Google ReCaptcha

It is one of the important security enhancement features in Magento 2.3. and with this Google recaptcha tool the best thing that can happen is that only humans will be allowed to access the online store.

With a series of new features that will be soon released with new Magento 2.3 will bring in a ray of more possibilities for all Magento merchants. It can help improve the user experience and bring in more conversions that can result in boost in sales of ecommerce stores. Also, the security features introduced on this platform can gain user trust and it will help business grow and build healthy relationship with the customers.

The powerful features incorporated with the new version will add in more benefits that will allow you to manage your online store efficiently and you can get a better control over the tasks related to online store.

It will directly simply the efforts that admins have to put in and reduce the complex tasks and operations. In order to upgrade your existing platform to the new Magento version 2.3 you need to hire a reliable Magento Customization Service so that the entire process of upgrade is carried out effectively.

Once you hire a trustworthy Certified Magneto Developers team will guide you on how the new version can help you in setting up your online store and generates sales for the business.

You just need to understand the different features that the new version offers so that even you have a better idea of why you would want to switch to new platform.

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