Versions 1.3.6 and 1.3.7 of the Magento 2 Hyva theme have been released, and we are thrilled about it! These most recent updates guarantee flawless compatibility with the most recent version of Magento and are jam-packed with exciting new features and performance enhancements.

Hyvä Themes 1.3.6 & 1.3.7 include a range of features targeted at boosting your Magento store, addressing a number of issues that directly impact website performance, search engine ranking, and other barriers to growing the business.

In addition, the most recent versions of Hyvä Theme (versions 1.3.6 and 1.3.7) guarantee compatibility with Magento 2.4.7 and offer notable performance improvements. These enhancements are especially important in view of the recent algorithmic changes from Google that give priority to both functionality and speed.

Furthermore, since the Hyva team is focusing more on updating their themes, there is a growing need for Magento 2 upgrade services as well as Hyva theme development services. This is because the current Hyva releases are compatible with some of the most recent versions of Magento 2, giving online retailers more flexibility to precisely customize and scale up their stores as needed.

Magento 2 Hyvä Theme 1.3.6 Features:

TailwindCSS version 3.4.1: In order to use TailwindCSS, you must have at least Node.js version 16.

JavaScript requirements needed:

It is now possible to include a JavaScript requirement at the block or template level. This could potentially reduce the amount of duplicate JavaScript on product listings because it means that if the template or block is rendered, the necessary JavaScript will also be rendered inside the before.body.end container.

Reduced unnecessary or redundant JavaScript

Scripts that were superfluous or repetitive have been removed in an attempt to improve the Core Web Vitals (CWV) metrics of Hyvä shops. Now, PageBuilder content type-related JavaScript is only rendered when the corresponding content type is present on the page. Furthermore, on a product listing page, the initPriceBox function is now presented only once rather than for each product.

Method hyva.activateScripts:

Upon receiving an Element object as an argument, the hyva.activateScripts method finds all script child elements and appends them to the document head for browser parsing.

Security: The customer’s Ajax login now requires the form key:

A form key is now required for customer login using Ajax in order to increase security. This approach closes a security flaw in Magento that was found by well-known researcher Talesh Seeparsan. Previously, Ajax logins did not require a form key; this is especially important when Checkout as Guest is deactivated.

Data from the default customer section:

With this release, visitors without a session will use the default data from the private section, which will reduce the amount of Ajax calls made by the server for each visitor. In most cases, this implementation should work without a hitch.

Relevant search outcomes:

The search_recommendations and search_suggestions blocks that are placed above the search_result_list on the search results page may require stylistic changes after the update.

Reversible incompatible modifications:

TailwindCSS has been updated to version 3.4.1, requiring the use of Node Version 16.

Conversion of the mini-cart’s Extra Actions block to a container:

There has been a modification to the mini-cart extra_actions block, which is in charge of showing extra checkout options that are usually provided by payment methods.

Magento uses JavaScript by default to show these options using section data, preventing customer-specific data from being cached in the complete page cache.

The extra_actions block was previously produced directly by PHP in the Magento 2 hyva theme, which made it difficult to employ for actions that required customer or quote data, like PayPal Express In-Context. With this upgrade, the extra actions are rendered from the private content data using JavaScript.

Modification to the Order History’s Ship-To Name:

The company name from the billing address was previously displayed in the “Ship-To” column of the client order history and recent orders on the account dashboard.

As such, the column stayed empty for the majority of orders in the majority of stores.

With this release, the behavior is changed to display the customer’s name instead of the shipping address.

Support for the admin configuration’s video settings:

The gallery option loopVideo’s default setting has been changed. Videos used to loop automatically when loopVideo was set to true by default. Currently, the admin configuration takes precedence and this defaults to false. Change loopVideo to true in your admin configuration (under “Stores > Configuration > Catalog > Catalog > Product Video”) to activate automatic video looping.

Viha Digital Commerce offers Hyva theme development services in case you have any issues with the most recent version of the Hyva theme or have no way to make the necessary modifications.

When a visitor doesn’t have a session, anonymous default section data is used:

A possible change in this release that may not work with earlier versions is that section data for visitors without sessions is now sent using anonymized default data instead of requiring an Ajax request.

Magento 2 Hyvä Theme 1.3.7 Features

Introducing Alpine.js’s latest directive, x-defer:

This most recent custom Alpine directive helps to improve core web critical metrics and reduce main thread blocking time.

Automated x-defer insertion:

The hyva-themes/magento-theme-module has been updated to automatically incorporate the x-defer directive into several Alpine components. The purpose of this update is to improve the Hyvä user experience for themes that use older versions of the library. This injection is triggered by simply updating to hyva-themes/magento2-theme-module version 1.3.7 or later. It is configured via the backend and works with CSS selectors.

Trying Out Different Prerender Speculation Rules:

A new browser API makes it possible to pre-render pages that are expected to be visited next, which improves user experience in general. This function is available in an experimental version as of Hyvä 1.3.7. To enable it, navigate to Hyvä Themes > Experimental > Experimental Features > Enable Preloading Speculation Rules in the system configuration settings.

Magento Compatibility 2.4.7:

The necessary modifications are in line with Magento 2.4.7-beta3, however unanticipated last-minute additions might still appear in the final version of Magento. The integration of the Magento_OrderCancellationUi module is the main focus of these changes.

Reset-theme Dependency has been updated to 1.1.6:

In order to support new layout XML resets for the Magento_OrderCancellationUi module introduced in Magento 2.4.7, the reset-theme requirement is updated to version 1.1.6.

HYVA Themes 1.3.6 & 1.3.7 Features:

Deferral for Alpine.js:

Take charge of when the components in Alpine.js load. By cutting down on the first page load time, this creative feature improves user experience right from the click.

More Astute Use of JavaScript:

Cut down on the extra JavaScript that appears on your pages. By removing duplication and optimizing the loading process, this “conditional dependency” technique makes your Hyvä Theme store feel lighter and operate more quickly.

Instantaneous Page Transitions (Test):

Now accessible in Chrome and Edge browsers, the new Pre-rendering Speculation Rules API allows you to experience the wonder of instantaneous page transitions. This is an experimental feature that provides a smooth user experience by anticipating user activities and pre-loading relevant content. It is enabled through the Hyvä system setup.

Fewer AJAX Requests:

Simplify the use of server resources by removing the requirement for fresh visitors to load customer data through AJAX. Everyone will see a quicker first page load as a result of this change.

More compact stylesheets:

A lower stylesheet size is a result of enhancements and bug fixes included in TailwindCSS version 3.4.1. Your website will load more quickly as a result.

Extra Features and Bug Patches:

There’s more to these changes than speed. What else is included in Hyvä Themes 1.3.6 & 1.3.7 is as follows:

Important Bug Fixes and Enhancements: A variety of general bug fixes and enhancements will provide you a more stable and dependable experience.

Compatibility of Magento 2.4.7 (1.3.7 only): With the release of 1.3.7, you can guarantee a smooth connection with the most recent version of Magento, 2.4.7.

Enhanced Security: By addressing a potential vulnerability, a security fix for customer login via AJAX keeps your store safe and secure.

Official Reference Notes:


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