Magento is the most scalable, flexible as well as highly-customizable eCommerce platform. It is an open-source PHP based eCommerce platform. There are a lot of eCommerce platforms available to build an online store, but Magento is at the top. It allows its users with all the needed new features as well as functionalities. Being effectively versatile, it provides more benefits and improves the business prospects for eCommerce website.

In Magento, there are lots of templates as well as themes available. It is also very easy for any store owner to create a customized solution as well. There are numerous templates and themes available. It’s easy for any online store owner to create a customized solution.

Magento is easy to use. It allows you to connect your store with PayPal, Google shopping, etc. Even the new stores can also use Magento. Magento offers various tools such as SEO filters, optimized headers, page headers, a customizable site map, and metadata, and you can also do Custom Magento Development. The user can manage multiple stores using the Magento platform as well as there are lots of Magento Extensions.

Magento has two types of versions

Magento Community Edition is a free version of Magento having some basic features and it is suitable for small-scale businesses. Magento Enterprise Edition is a paid version of Magento having a lot of advanced features as well as functionalities. This edition is suitable for large-scale businesses.

If you are still confused to select the Edition, you can also explore Magento Community Vs. Magneto Enterprise Edition – Which is Best?

It has lots of basic as well as attractive features, they are as under

  • It has an amazing user experience, which is trouble-free to use as well as to manage.
  • It offers Easy Magento Speed Optimization.
  • The website made up in Magento is Easily customizable.
  • There are 9000+ plug-in/extensions to scale your business
  • Free extensions enable Social Ecommerce which helps you to sell on social media platforms.
  • It offers users a powerful search.
  • It has a number of filter options for rapid location.
  • Fast, friendly as well as support search on Google SiteMap.
  • It can be made into a multilingual website.
  • It has a large community of developers.
  • Regular backend support
  • The site you will make will be mobile responsive.
  • The checkout process with Magento becomes simple.
  • Able to handle more catalog pages without slowing down.
  • Flexible shopping cart system
  • Endless customization opportunities
  • Single backend with multiple storefronts
  • Easy scaling without changing platforms
  • Catalog-management tools
  • Predictive business intelligence
  • Powerful marketing and SEO

Which are the Top Brands that Use Magento?

All the top brands like Nike, Burger King, coca-cola as well as Ford are using the Magento platform. All the top internet stores use Magento. It helps the brands to increase their profits constantly. Clients say that they have gained a lot from the Magento platform. The brands are as under.





Magento Extensions

Free Extensions are attractive to everybody.

There are lots of good ones, you can check out these, for example, Free Magento Extensions.

If you will go for free extensions, they are limited and they are having only some basic features. If you need the extension as per your choice, then you will have to pay for that.

Don’t try anything by yourself, be very careful as there are chances that you brake your installation as well as create new bugs. Always hire developers for Magento.

Viha Digital Commerce has the best certified Magento Developers.

Which are Our Services of Magento?

  • Magento Application Development
  • Magento Website Design and Development
  • Magento Skinning
  • Magento Search Engine Optimization
  • Magento E-Commerce Design and Development
  • Magento Module Development and Integration
  • Magento Extension Development
  • Magento Shopping Cart Development
  • Magento Online Store Development
  • Magento CMS Solutions
  • Magento Template Development

Why migration to Magento 2 is necessary?

Magneto 1 is going to stop its complete support at the end of June 2020.

Magento 1 has not any new releases as well as no updated security features.

Magento Enterprise Edition

Enterprise Ed. 1.9 Jul 2010 Jul 2012*
Enterprise Ed. 1.10 Feb 2011 Feb 2013*
Enterprise Ed. 1.11 Aug 2011 Aug 2013*
Enterprise Ed. 1.12 Apr 2012 Apr 2014*
Enterprise Ed. 1.13 Oct 2013 Jun 2020

Magento Community Edition

Community Ed. 1.0 Mar 2008 Mar 2009 Mar 2010
Community Ed. 1.1 Jul 2008 Jul 2009 Jul 2010
Community Ed. 1.2 Dec 2008 Dec 2009 Dec 2010z
Community Ed. 1.3 Mar 2009 Mar 2010 Mar 2011
Community Ed. 1.4 Feb 2010 Feb 2011 Feb 2012
Community Ed. 1.5 Feb 2011 Feb 2012 Jun 2020
Community Ed. 1.6 Aug 2011 Aug 2012 Jun 2020
Community Ed. 1.7 Apr 2012 Apr 2013 Jun 2020
Community Ed. 1.8 Sep 2013 Sep 2014 Jun 2020
Community Ed. 1.9 May 2014 May 2015 Jun 2020

You can also explore the article Year 2020: The End of Magento 1 Support – It’s Time to Migrate”

We have successfully done the migration for a number of websites.


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