WordPress Woocommerce Store for Designer Outfits Boutique

WordPress Woocommerce Store for Designer Outfits Boutique

Woocommerce is a free open source plugin or customization tool for popular content management site WordPress. It’s one of the popular e-commerce platforms and is used with 16% online shopping website throughout the world from small to large scale organization. Woocommerce released on September in 2011. Woocommers offers the variety of free or paid essential plugins requires to build an online shopping platform. For example, you can choose a plugin to enhance the product page of your site with a better look and feel and user navigation or you may want display shipping & packaging cost by using an extension of a shipping company.


Woocommerce Development

Woocommerce follows an excellent development lifecycle and offers a variety of option for an e-commerce platform development.  With every release, they offer new features and bug fixes. It offers a variety of option for a web storefront. Which in turn needs to be customized with required plugins based on needs.
Woocommerce Development - lifecycle
It’s recommended to engage WooExperts for this piece of the task. So who is WooExpert? WooExpert is the official partnership program from WooCommerce. They are the WooCommerce certified developers with rich experience and understanding of WooCommerce.

We offer WordPress Woocommerce Store Development and we have an excellent WooExpert. We offer solution design & development for a storefront for an online store. For any website or e-commerce platform, the online shopping experience is the key to success. Our designed reflects your business goals and needs by leveraging WooCommerce plugins. Our service also includes order management, inventory design, shipping, and taxation.

Key features of WooCommerce,

  •    Over 300 plugins from to Storefront, shipping, order management, payment management to social n/w integration
  •    Versatile business offerings, you could sell anything from physical good to digital product or download something
  •    A Woocommerce theme to offer a rich look and feel of a website based on business needs.
  •    It is getting updated and monitored regularly for bugfix and security enhancement
  •    Woocommerce spread throughout across the world. You find the Woocommerce store and developer from all over the world.
  •    Woocommerce is a plugin for WordPress which is very trustworthy. And also security it maintains the regular audit.

Apart from Plugins WooCommers also offers several extension that helps us to understand online store website better. For example, Google Analytics extension to understand website usage better. Or extension for the monthly newsletter to keep the customer updated on your website with latest offers.

Fashion clothing and accessories Store or a designer Boutique Store

To start an e-commerce site for clothing, apparel and accessories WooCommerce is one of the best choices. Here are the key basic things you should have

–    A WordPress site

–    WooCommerce Plugin

–    WooCommerceTheme

Additionally, you could add a WooCommerce child theme and WooCommerce extension on your list. We will discuss later on these two.

If you don’t have WordPress site you have to request one. Please refer to the link for details. https://wordpress.com/pricing/

Next step is to get the WooCommerce plugin installed & registered with your WordPress site. This is a very simple process and available on the WordPress site admin section.

  • Plugins
  • Add new
  • Search WooCommerce
  • make sure publisher is Automattic
  • Install Now
  • Followed by Activate Now

Now choose a theme. Most popular, trustworthy and the best theme is Storefront built & supported by WooCommerce. It’s a great theme and has been reviewed and rated high several times. Most importantly it’s free. On the technical side, this theme has been designed, built and fine-tuned after carefully considering e-commerce building blocks and life cycle. One of the important factors for any e-commerce website success is getting ‘up to date’. Good news is Storefront is being monitored, reviewed and getting updated constantly by WooCommerce. Those changes/updates are influenced by all the latest online shopping trend, customer preference, social media influence. It could have been anything related to e-commerce building blocks like product display, product search, and order processing or shipping. Finally, all these efforts aim to meet the most important a better customer online shopping experience.

Let’s choose some plugins, we have an option to choose from 300. Few plugins are specific to the business, however, there is a recommendation on must-have plugins,

  •    Product page plugin to give the customer a better intuition on your product
  •    Shopping cart and checkout for a seamless checkout and order place. This allows an easy site navigation during check out
  •    Payments – A hassle-free and quicker payment during checkout
  •    Shipping – An excellent option to let the customer know about shipping fees.
  •    Marketing – Plugins for social media integration. This just becomes a mandatory strategy for every business. Using this plugin you could easily showcase your website on social media.

So what about those two optional above child theme & Extensions.

Well, child theme could make a tremendous improvement on the website look feel or overall presentation. For example, you could change ‘store color’ based on the season or type of cloth. Like if something bright or gorgeous you may prefer to have a ‘lighter’ color; on the other side to promote your summer collection you need something bright.

The extension is essential for website analysis & marketing. We recommend Google Analytics & customer email subscription.