There are many changes brought to Magento commerce and Magento lovers are always eager to know about the latest versions of Magento. Each time we see some innovative features added to this platform and the update in each version it helps the users to get an incredible eCommerce experience. The latest release of Magento has introduced incredible features to overall shipping like prompt purchases, zero-step checkout, advanced reporting, etc.

Future Changes Expected in Magento Commerce

Now with the latest versions of Magento, the customers don’t have to fill in their shipping address or payment information, which simplifies the entire shopping process and saves time. It helps eCommerce site owners to get increased sales for their product through new changes made to Magento.

With the release of Magento 2.3, merchants are now having high hopes

To see growth in their business.

Let us have a look at the new features introduced in the latest update

Page Builder

Earlier, developers were supposed to create pages using CSS and HTML language. With the help of Page Builder built for Magento Commerce, there is an easy drag-and-drop facility provided through a simple interface to build websites.

Now even anyone without less or no technical knowledge can create attractive websites with banners, videos, content, images, and product in them. Not only designing and developing you can also manage the entire site without the help of a developer at the front end.

Page Builder consists of a grid system wherein you can position all the elements of a page through easy customization. With the convenient integrated grid system, you can easily add widgets, a media galleries to include the features on your Magento website.  Also, you can create content blocks on the site easily.

PWA – Progressive Web App

Magento understands the dependency of users on their mobile devices. Adobe Commerce Certified Developer can easily grab the profits of PWA features to help the users get the experience of an app and enjoy shopping online.

PWA studio helps any Magento developer to create front ends for the e-commerce sites faster and they are responsive on mobile devices too. PWA enables the creation of engaging web applications and enhances conversion rate.


GraphQL is one of the newest and most remarkable changes brought in Magento 2.3. Magento 2.3 executes GraphQL which presents possibilities for data retrieval for PWA. Adobe Commerce Certified Developer can extract small chunks of data effectively to enable requests of a couple of attribute subsets. This is indeed a huge plus as compared to conventional SOAP/REST requests.

GraphQL helps speed up Magento PWA even while you access your mobile device under a slow internet connection.

Declarative DB Schema

This is a new feature that makes Magento installation & upgrades simpler for the users. It allows Magento-certified developers to create a database and also convert XML schema files into SQL statements.

Multi-Source Inventory

eCommerce store owners can easily enhance the website efficacy with the help of the MSI function. It lets users manage inventory over a number of geographical locations through a single admin.

What becomes easy is assigning the product plus the quantities to each source. It becomes simpler for store owners to monitor their inventory in retail, warehouses, drop shippers, stores and distribution, etc.

The extraordinary feature allows the e-store owners to organize the operations and control inventories thereby obtaining real-time information on every website.

In case the owner has just one inventory source, he can use MSI to obtain exact results to monitor inventory.


Security has always been a prime concern for Magento and it offers complete security to the e-stores. The launch of Magento 2.3, made it simpler to safeguard the site against online threats/attacks.  The security measures prove to be efficient for online stores through – Two-factor authentication and Google reCAPTCHA. The website can be made hackproof with this latest version.

PHP 7.2 Assistance

Magento offers assistance for PHP 7.2 and assures increased stability and enhanced performance. Now the site owners will get improved security for their e-commerce store.


Elasticsearch which is an amazing version of Magento Commerce provides faster and more convenient search results for all online stores. Merchants can combine strong search engine features to their e-stores using Elasticsearch.


This is an amazing feature launched by Magento 2.3 through the up-gradation of the TinyMCE editor to its newest version. It is embedded with media gallery plugins and various widgets to give you improved performance.

Thanks to a team of Adobe Commerce Development including its contributors for introducing the amazing functions to Magento 2.3. You can hire a Magento web development company to seek help to build your e-commerce site right from its initial stage or just upgrade your current webshop to the newest version. You need to hunt for a professional Magento e-commerce development company to let you attain your business goals and bring in more sales.


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