Adobe presents its Commerce Cloud platform as a complete solution for managing, personalizing, and enhancing commerce experiences.

Adobe Commerce Cloud is part of the Experience Cloud, a perfect suite of best-in-class Magento enterprise solutions that have been the preferred choice for businesses across the globe. The suite contains a number of tools that enable businesses to create, implement, and manage various digital experiences.

Commerce Cloud integrates some of the suite’s most powerful and effective e-commerce tools, providing users with an incredibly versatile and comprehensively cloud-based platform.

The Magento platform served as the foundation for Adobe Commerce Cloud. Magento is defined as a PHP-based open-source e-commerce platform. They’ve made a free version (Magento Open Source) available for anyone to download, host, and customize. In addition, managed Magento Enterprise versions (Magento Commerce on-premise and Magento Commerce) are available.

Adobe Commerce Cloud integrates Magento Commerce (the enterprise version, not the open-source version) with Adobe Experience Manager. In other words, you can leverage one of the most dominant storefronts and manage everything through a diverse set of channels and devices.