Which are the Best Prestashop Module for e-commerce Store Development?

The PrestaShop module is one of the biggest tools in recent years for conversions on e-commerce platforms. Yet, many of the online shop owners on various e-commerce platforms have not heard of this technique, this technique can actually help you land more customers than ever and that is why this method must be adopted by all shop owners.

As an owner of an online store, you must have heard and hosted your shop through Prestashop, but the Prestashop module for e-commerce might be something new for you. Do not worry it is just an extension of the existing product. The modules help the user modify various features of his/her online store from the homepage to the products section any addition or modification is carried out faster using these modules.

Let’s have a look at some of the free Prestashop modules which can help your shop attract customers and sell your products like hotcakes!

1. Wheel of fortune.

You must be familiar with the wheel of fortune as a kid, most commonly seen in fairs and arcade centers. You can employ similar game to entice your customers and get their attention. You can employ a Prestashop module of the same with latest offers, the customers’ spins and according to his/her lands, a certain amount of discount and the chances can be timed giving the customer multiple chances in a fixed time difference which can increase the time spent by the customer on your website.

2. Social login option.

 One thing your customers hate from the bottom of their hearts is filling lengthy registration forms for signing up on your website. By using a social login module you can add the option of using their social media accounts on facebook, twitter or Google to sign up faster and help you increase the traffic and make a greater profit.

3. Age verification.

Sometimes your website may be selling products which are not meant for underage users. As you know the internet is a big place and any user might reach content unsuitable for him/her. You as a responsible e-commerce store owner can employ the age verification module in order to warn the user that he/she is entering the adult territory and in order to pass on must verify his/her age. This will help your cast a positive light on your firm and help increase customer loyalty and retention.

4. Amazon marketplace.

Many sellers are moving on to the Amazon bandwagon. By providing an  Amazon marketplace module on your site you give customers the option of looking at products from Amazon marketplace. They can either buy from there or be redirected to the original website and buy products. Both ways it is a win-win situation for you.

5. Welcome video.

Welcome video or image module on your website leaves a positive impact on visitors. Treat visitors on your website as guests visiting your house. When guests come to our house we give them snacks and drinks, similarly, we must welcome visitors on the site and try to convert them to customers.

6. Customized modules.

Prestashop also has the option of customized modules which can be created by the user as per his/her needs using his/her creativity. Instead of implementing existing modules uniqueness can strike a chord with visitors.

7. Facebook wall posts.

Facebook wall posts help the e-commerce companies to make their customers aware of any new additions in the product departments. This way you can make a new product known to customers and give its popularity a boost and get it off the shelves quicker.

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Advantages of employing Prestashop modules.

1. Global reach.

Prestashop modules can help you reach customers in the biggest markets like China, USA, UK, Canada, Australia etc. Any e-commerce store looking to engage global customers must involve Prestashop modules in their action plans, you will find that your company’s growth is greater than that achievable by traditional means.

2. Cost-effective.

Prestashop modules are cheaper than the advertising mediums of our time and also many of them are available for free, this factor reduces a huge chunk of the company’s budget to be invested somewhere else.

Now that you are well aware of the Prestashop module advantage, the biggest question is which one or ones are going to suitable? , How much will it cost? , etc. Many questions will bombard your brains, do not worry Viha digital commerce is the answer. It’s an up and coming Indian eCommerce Development Company, perfect for the Indian online retailer. They will not help you identify the perfect tools for your business but also the ones in your budget and help you scale up the ladder of success.


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