Is your website operating on Magento 1 or it is operating on Magento 2?

In case your website is still running on Magento 1 then you may plan to migrate to Magento 2.

Remember, according to its official announcement of Adobe, it is going to discontinue Magento 1 support by June 2020.

Once this happens your online store will be at risk for the following

  • Performance issues
  • Security violations
  • Module updates because you maintain them individually

Now, if you are thinking what is the right time for Adobe Commerce migration then the answer could be now. Yes, once you plan the migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2, you will get to use amazing features and improvements that come with Magento 2 like

  • Enhanced performance
  • Enhanced checkout
  • Improved SEO
  • Marketing automation
  • Powerful security

If you are still having doubts in mind about whether your store needs migration to Magento 2 then knowing about the benefits of Magento 2 to your business will help you gauge its importance well.

Certainly, migration is not an easy process that can be completed in a single day. It is a process of setting up a new store and moving the old database to the new store.

Well, business owners may consider the migration timing so that the process to switch to Magento 2 from Magento 1 doesn’t interrupt their daily operations and affect business.

Let us look at the factors to be considered while deciding on the right time for Magento migration.


Are you planning for any significant changes to your e-store in the near future? Well, this is the question that most merchants should answer before they plan for migration.

Apart from establishing the path for business development, the answer to this question will decide if migration is required or not.

If your answer is No then it indicates that you have time limitations to migrate your store to Magento 2.

Well, you don’t have to take hasty decisions and you can also decide to continue with the existing version of Magento until the Magento team offers support for Magento.

On the other hand, if you are looking for complete redesigning, improved features, and store integration with different programs, or even if you are planning some considerable changes in the future then do not drop the idea of migration or postpone it.

The migration process is rebuilding a store and not just an upgrade. The idea of enhancing of Magento 1 store sooner or opting to migrate to Magento 2 later is not recommended but doing exactly the opposite would help you save time & money.

Most importantly, the extensions and themes between Magento 1 and Magento 2 are not compatible. So, optimizing Magento 1 store to save on the double investment later would not make any sense.

Magento 2 extensions availability

If you consider the enhanced functionality of your e-commerce store, then certainly Magento 2 migration would be beneficial.

When you plan to upgrade your online store, you can think and study all the features that are going to help enhance the performance of your store and attain enhanced customer experience which will directly contribute to the increase in revenue for your business.

Of course, thinking about what Magento 2 extensions to go for is a crucial factor to be considered to identify if you need Migration now and if is it sensible.

To find out if it is reasonable to migrate to Magento 2, you need to carry out a pre-analysis of the Magento marketplace. It will help you know if the necessary extensions are upgraded to Magento 2. In case some features are still not available then you can keep the migration on hold and wait till some other solutions come up or you can choose to create custom functionality. If you choose to build custom features, you need proficiency and also invest time and money. If you are very keen on Migration, you can also hire professional Magento Migration services to do the job.


Well, the duration of the entire process of migration depends on the functionality you need. The duration can take around 4 to 6 months. Once the creation and testing of the Magento 2 store are done, you need to halt the operations in Magento 1 store so that you can transfer bulk data.

Hence you need to plan the migration wisely so that you can initiate your promotional campaigns as per the schedule.

Also, if the migration process is not performed properly, you may find your store stuck during the peak sales season. It can be disturbing and frustrating for your online business and your customers.

Aim to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2

The time for migration is primarily determined by its reason. Sometimes you may rush for migration just to avoid security issues. You may overlook important factors like your business and other plans. So, do not rush into migration without getting clarity about your business plans.

Well, the Magento team would never withdraw their support to Magento 1 online stores without giving them an 18-month prior notice.

If security is the crucial factor for you then you can go for migration without any doubt.

Of course, the aim of improving the functionality and store performance would need sooner migration and will also help you achieve desired results from a business point of view.

Once you decide to migrate make sure you consult the most trustable migration company in India to make the most of Magento enhancements and innovations.


Well, none of the points mentioned above would de-motivate merchants from shifting to Magento 2. It depends on the factors of need and how the period of migration is going to affect your business. You need to plan out and analyze these factors before you plan migration.

If you do not have time constraints then do not take hasty decisions. You can spend time understanding and analyzing the features you need in your store along with your business plans.

Also, you will have to plan for the period when migration takes place and how it will help you sustain without disturbing your performance.


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