If you wish to see your site performing really well then it is necessary to know how to use SEO to accomplish the task. Well, SEO needs you to optimize your website which is not always an easy task as it includes a lot of steps and processes to be carried out systematically.

What are the best SEO Practices for Leads & Conversions

How to Adopt the best SEO Strategy?

Well, again the SEO strategy you plan to use surely is based on your business goals and needs. It means you need to optimize a site with proper planning. You need to look into SEO On-page Optimization along with off-page planning.

Certainly, all your hard work will pay back if SEO is done correctly. This article will help you learn the best SEO practices that you can adopt for leads and conversions.

Website Analysis

This is the first step in SEO to optimize your site. The website analysis will help you create the foundation for you to move forward and also let you figure out the sections of your website that needs your special attention. In case you are planning to create baseline rankings for the keywords you want to target then find out where you actually are positioned on the search engine results pages for those phrases and words that are crucial for your business.

What are the best SEO Practices for Leads & Conversions

Now look for the numbers for organic traffic. The numbers will give you a clear idea of how the SEO strategy is working for you.

Also, invest some time to focus on how on-page components are optimized like headings, title tags, etc., you can now focus on off-page elements along with the backlink profile of your website.


Competitive analysis

Once you are done with website analysis you should carry out competitor research to find out details about how your competitors are performing using their SEO strategies.

Keywords analysis and research

Keyword research is an important part of any eCommerce Marketing Strategy as it unmasks the search habits of your target audience and can outline your SEO On-page Optimization and how the content is progressing.

It is just getting a general idea of the phrases and keywords that your audience normally uses while searching for the services and products you offer.

Resolve errors

Before you think about the details of optimizing your website, you need to resolve errors not being covered during the process of website analysis. For example, in case you figure out any broken elements, links that aren’t responsive or not clearly visible on the smartphones, site speed problems, etc needs to be corrected before you proceed.

On-page SEO

After you have completed the task of resolving errors, you can now start working on On-page components. It comprises components over which you have complete control and can b easily edited via HTML on your site such as content, title tags, meta descriptions, etc.

Off-page SEO optimization

When you create an SEO Off-page Strategy, make sure you look for changes that help you enhance off-page SEO by building links. Certainly, the pages having more links rank highest in search results.

Quality and unique content is a must

The content basically belongs to the technical section of SEO On-page Optimization, but creating unique content is very important in the SEO process.

You need to use the target keywords in your new content and it really helps increase traffic & conversions.

Utilize local search

In case your business is designed to serve customers from a particular location or say multiple locations then you should consider this aspect in your SEO strategy.

The increased traffic will not be helpful for the business if the visitors you are getting belong to a different location that you do not serve.

So, focus on local search initially in your region and include keywords that are location-based.

Optimizing content

The new content you create should be wisely optimized using the target keywords before you upload it directly to your website.

If you use the keywords that you figured out during the research phase in your content then the entire process will automatically be on the right track for the rest of your pages too.

Figure out user experience with your website during testing

Ultimately, your primary goal is to convert traffic into successful conversions so it is important that your website is user-friendly for the users. You can check whether the site is user-friendly or not by tracking the user experience with the site pages.

With the points you get as feedback you can make the necessary changes to make your website easy to use and navigate.

There are sure chances of getting more leads when your site gives seamless navigation.

Patience is essential

With the SEO strategy, you need to be very patient. You just can’t expect results overnight after the SEO process is over. Of course, the time taken to carry out the SEO process needs a lot of determination and hard work after which it is obvious that you expect faster results. But, ideally, it takes 4-6 months to get visible results.

You need to be patient and confident and let SEO work for you. Being patient will help you see the results of your hard work and for everything to happen it takes some time.

SEO is a time-consuming process but there are many tools that help you in the process like tools for keywords research, backlink analysis, etc., the mistakes that you should avoid while optimizing your site for SEO are

Let’s Know about the Common SEO Mistakes

  • Do not just get obsessed with higher rankings
  • Focusing a lot on just the keywords
  • Posting content in bulk than focusing on quality.
  • Too much of link building
  • Not giving importance to user experience

SEO is a continuous process to keep your business growing and of course, the results are overwhelming too. So, utilize SEO the right way to generate traffic and get conversions. Many companies fail to make SEO strategies successful as they do not plan them properly and ignore important SEO aspects as mentioned above.

SEO can generate organic leads from search engines and other sources while responding, handling, and converting these leads into customers is also a critical step. A good Small business CRM software can help you to manage processes smoothly without much work stress


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