As they become increasingly successful in diverse markets, ecommerce enterprises frequently encounter the same challenges. 

Their ecommerce systems struggle to handle growing traffic, performance decreases, and the infrastructure simply cannot offer an inviting atmosphere across markets. Upgrading onto a new, enhanced business ecommerce platform constitutes the solution, and given the dozens of products to choose from, it’s vital to understand as much as possible. 

Today, we’ll go over the reasons why you might wish to upgrade from Shopify to Shopify Plus & under which scenarios you should consider hiring a professional  shopify development agency.

There are numerous Shopify Plus advantages available to your company, ranging from enhanced modifications to feature integrations to automation as any shopify expert would suggest. Certainly, it’s essential to know which industries will gain the most from it, what benefits to expect from Shopify Plus, and how it varies from normal Shopify. And if you’re thinking about switching, you’ll be curious about how to make the transition as painless as possible. Find out through our Shopify Plus analysis below. 

Let’s begin with the most pressing question.

Shopify Plus Advantages, Shopify Web Development Company

If you are a minuscule DTC business that has just embarked on a thrilling ecommerce journey, this post will prove to be extremely valuable to you. Because, let’s face it, Shopify Plus is an economical option (starting at $2,000/mo if invoiced annually, excluding transaction fees). 

Additionally, if you’ve been in the ecommerce game for a while and have a well-established brand, devoted customers, and consistent revenue, then thinking about Shopify upgrade makes sense because it’s a terrific tool for planning future expansion.

Who will instantly benefit from Shopify Plus? 

  • Enterprise-level companies 
  • B2B businesses
  • High-growth retailers (fashion, cosmetics, electronics, and so on)
  • Luxury brands (fashion, automobiles, jewelry) will benefit from Shopify Plus’s exceptional ecommerce platform performance, customizable approach and cross-team platform management to meet the needs of thousands of clients throughout the world. 

But that is not the end of the list of benefits. Let’s go through some additional significant Shopify Plus advantages for online retailers.

The Primary Advantages of Shopify Plus

A large number of clients should not be used to justify a one-size-fits-all model or feature set, and the multinational organization selling worldwide understands that customization and personalization are critical to success. 

They also want a solution that would allow cross-teams to coordinate their responsibilities in a centralized but independent manner. Shopify Plus is able to provide it to them. Here’s how Shopify Plus subscribers can profit from the platform.

Design adaptability and personalization

If your goal is to keep your client, the appearance and functionality of your website are critical. Shopify Plus provides a large number of both complementary and paid templates and, as opposed to its younger sibling Shopify, Shopify Plus allows you to change them using code (CSS or JavaScript). 

Additional Shopify Plus feature is the ability to build up and modify your checkout page, allowing you to change not just the design but also the functionality, such as a single-click checkout, coupon/code area, and other marketing tools. You’ll also be equipped to do A/B testing to determine which theme performs best with your target market.

Remember that, while Shopify Plus offers an advantage over the standard Shopify plan, you’ll still need to engage a Shopify Development Agency to modify everything. Adding extra personalized fields to your checkout, as well as connecting to social networks and additional payment options, will be simple, and you will undoubtedly have greater control on your checkout design.

API integration and script editor access

Shopify Plus is more than just theme control; it’s also feature-rich. This is a Shopify Plus-only feature. It enables you to run bespoke code without the need for third-party tools. It also gives you more control over the promotions, exclusive deals, and discounts that a certain user receives. 

However that is only part of the picture.

Because it supports integrating the API, you can easily incorporate new plugins and utilities into your architecture. There are numerous solutions available for monitoring, logistics, bookkeeping, customer service, and other purposes. All of this will allow you to have a worry-free tailored experience for your customers all around the world. When weighing the benefits and drawbacks of Shopify Plus, the script’s function may be the deciding factor in support for upgrading to this online shopping platform.

Selling across several platforms

eBay, Etsy, Pinterest, and other marketplaces are excellent outlets for selling your goods, and if you already handle multi channel commerce, you understand how difficult cross-platform handling can be. One of the most significant Shopify Plus benefits is that it simplifies the process. How so? 

It supports several platform connectors, meaning you can handle eBay or Etsy backends independently from distinct accounts while staying on the exact same platform. This gives management more flexibility and allows for in-depth cross-platform analyses and modifications.

Traffic processing has been optimized

As an organization, you already have substantial ecommerce traffic, which can grow tremendously around high seasons or peak days (such as Black Friday or Christmas), especially if you initiate a marketing campaign. Undoubtedly, it’s important to manage the high volume of traffic while also ensuring that discounts and special offers are applied to certain products.

While Shopify Plus provides unlimited capacity to deal with unexpected traffic spikes, it also includes a tool to assist you control the process. It’s known as Shopify Plus Launchpad. It can be used to:

  • Change visibility based on location
  • In order to prevent congestion, lock your store.
  • Setup captchas to combat bots.
  • Control scripts for upselling and cross-selling.

What’s the best part? This optimization can be done in real-time via a single panel.

Shopify Flow automates workflows.

Routine and repetitive jobs require automation to conserve time, reduce the chance of manual error, and allow multiple tasks to be completed in the background at the same time. 

Shopify Plus’s special feature, Shopify Flow, makes it possible. It provides pre-built workflow scripts that are ready to use, as well as the option to develop your own depending on specifications. Flow can automate the following workflows:

  • Purchase monitoring
  • Sequencing of emails
  • Segmentation of consumers 
  • Product suggestion enabled by algorithms

This is one of the Shopify Plus tools that can help you optimize and automate complicated operational operations, as well as provide your analytic teams with more insight and data to develop efficient business plans.

Enhanced wholesale management

Because wholesale and retail firms have different plans and needs, they must be managed separately. Using Shopify Plus, you can run your wholesale business from a dedicated account that includes B2B-specific features such as a bespoke quotation, delivery and shipping setup, quote calculator, and so on.

Keep in mind that if you run both wholesale (B2B) as well as retail (B2C) stores or want to target multiple nations (for example, Europe and the United States), you won’t be able to operate your business from a single administrative panel. To manage each of these stores, Shopify Plus will need to log into separate admin panels, which would be efficiently managed by hiring a Shopify Web Development Company.


If you want to implement your company objectives and become one of the best in the industry, you must switch to a more robust ecommerce platform. Shopify Plus is also an excellent alternative for those seeking an enterprise-level solution that is simple to use and manage.

Shopify Plus enables you to concentrate on growing your business rather than on technical issues. With Shopify Plus perks and unique features, you can optimize and automate routine procedures, customize your client’s experience, ship and sell globally without anxiety, and connect with specialists who can help you grow your business. All you require is a competent setup. That is precisely what we at Viha Digital Commerce offer.

Our ecommerce development crew is ready to advise you on platform selection, implement a solution, handle the transfer of data, and provide on-demand servicing and maintenance. In other words, we’re a comprehensive team that powers your online Shopify Plus account using the tools and programs you need to run your business confidently.


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