Magento 1x to Magento 2x Migration with All Data, Shipping and payment configuration.

New Backend Experience by Migration on Magento 2x Version

Improved User Experience By Migration in Magento 2x

The Mission

At Pub-paraphernalia different types of products like Mini bottles Clothing,
Jugs, Plastic Water Jugs, Umbrellas, playing cards, and other items are sold.
same look and feel in your handy device.

Mobile Responsive

Incorporated Platforms & Technologies

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The planning of migration was done in such a manner that the migration turns out to be very effective. Different types of payment and search options were also planned out to integrate and also the planning to upgrade all the plugins on Magento 2.



The strategy was framed to migrate all the products and customers in Magento 2. We formed the strategy to migrate the website and provide an attractive look and feel.

New user experience & backend experience and upgraded with Latest Technology Magento Market..

Game-Winning Features



  • Paypal Integration
  • Braintree Integration
  • Custom theme Integration
  • Advanced Search Integration
  • World pay payment Integration
  • Discount coupon featured


The website has a clean and crisp design and the website is functioning perfectly by providing the desired conversions.