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PPC is not a medium to attract the people merely, rather it is in place to get conversions – on account of valuable coins spent.

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We Equip Leaders With Strategy and Vision

Initial Audit is essential to check basics and ensure maximizing efficiency across ad accounts
What it includes

  • Conversions Are Being Tracked
  • Review Targeting Settings
  • Assess Ad Group Relevancy

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is most effective to encourage customers to take immediate actions like buying a product or signing up for a mailing list
What it includes

  • Work out on your Ads goal
  • Choosing Best Ads Platforms (Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc)
  • Keywords on which to get bids
  • Set up bids for different keywords
  • Watch closely and continually improvements

ROIs are key matrics to understand money spent over conversions What it includes

  • Test and optimize Paid Ads on different Platforms
  • Gather information and User Beahviourts
  • Track metrics that align with objectives

PPC Report used to demonstrate the results of your PPC campaigns. Taking into Account some key metrics that can help to show how effective your PPC campaign has been.
What it includes

  • Showcase work overview
  • Track PPC ads progress
  • Highlight trends
  • Provide an overview/executive report

PPC Ads improve brand awareness and also boost sales
What We Offer

  • Have a well-defined goal
  • Using high-performance keyword
  • Optimizing keyword quality
  • Creating a list of negative keywords
  • Writing engaging ad copy
  • Efficiently utilizing remarketing
  • Mobile friendly Ads
  • Keep track of PPC campaign

PPC advertising can help you gain higher visibility on search engines and boost conversion. However, to ensure your campaign is working as per the plan, need to follow specific steps. We offer Complete Ad support to client

Landing Page Development

Avoid Mistakes in Your PPC Campaigns

At Viha Digital Commerce, we go a lot more depth to optimize your Adwords or other account and design expert ad-copies that are otherwise not possible to deliver by less experienced PPC professional.

Having done it for tens of times, we properly adjust bidding model and daily ad budget. We fully take into account negative keywords, conversion goals, and timeframe when advertising returns maximum profits. We set all the options in align with your business strategy and services to outperform competitors. Finally, we provide you with Google Analytics integrated, easy to read reports to keep tracking and to capture new space and opportunities continuously.

SEO Packages



Keywords 10 20 40
Initial Estimate Report
Competitor Analysis
Keywords Setup & Adjustment
Landing Page Analysis
Landing Pages Design Setup
Adgroup Creation
Text Ads Setup & Adjustments in Add Group
Banner Ads
Bids Setup & Adjustment
Quality Score Optimization
Geo-Targeting Setup
Conversion Tracking
Mobile Ads
ROI Analysis
A/B Testing
Analytics Report
Lead and Conversion Report


Strategic campaigns developed by our PPC Marketing expert will help you grow website traffic by taking care of the CPC of created Ads.

Increase Traffic

Boost Revenue

We will optimize created Campaigns and targetting Landing Pages eventually increasing the conversion rate of your eCommerce Store.

Increase Revenue


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From development to marketing to support, we provide a 360° solution.


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Our different service packages allow you to choose a service as per your budget.

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