Allowing Magento enterprise store owners to integrate the stores with different marketplaces a Magento Development Company can decrease the pricing of Magento Multi-Channel Integration as well as extensions. It’s well-equipped with a different set of features which allow you to sync Magento store easily to any targeted marketplace.Many professional Magento e-commerce development companies provide Magento Multi-Channel Integration at never expected prices. Before investing money and time in the cool ideas, just go through these features of integration and Magento upgrade to get perfect customers for products.

Magento Multi-Channel Integration Features

  • Auto- Synchronization of the inventory between the marketplace and your store.
  • Email Notifications for the lower stock, any new orders or in case any product gets rejected from the marketplace.
  • If any orders get placed, they get imported straight into the Magento enterprise
  • Increase as well as a decrease in product prices based on the profile.
  • Upload bulk products from the Magento store to marketplace and it will save you time.
  • You will get an auto-acknowledgment of your order that helps you hit orders without failures.

How Do You Know that You Need Magento Web Store Integration?

Are you getting more and more irritated with running a multichannel business? All increasing merchants face the breaking points. You just can’t sustain the customer’s demand. You stay frustrated customers with poor experiences and start to lose them.

You know that there are better ways out there for running your business, however, how do you recognize that you’re all set to take next steps?

Let’s go through top signs which you’re prepared to integrate the Magento web store with other backend systems including a POS, ERP, logistics systems, or accounting so that you can start automating the business procedures.

  • You Keep Overselling

If you are selling across different sales channels, the inventory quantities change constantly to a point where you just can’t continue. Some sellers could take a day once in a week for updating all the systems with correct quantities. It puts you with the risk of overselling as well as there’s nothing inferior to telling consumers that you won’t ship items which they accepted or products continuously being on the backorder.

  • Your Existing Procedures are Stopping Your Growth

As declared above, all the emergent merchants meet the breaking points. Customer’s demand outperforms your capability to keep up with the inventory and orders. While you wish to grow, the current procedures are setting you back. The majority of new clients you earn will end up in becoming frustrated customers who won’t deal with your website again. You will be caught up to maintain your existing capacity which won’t allow you to concentrate on improving the business.

  • Your Customers are Suffering

Merchants with broken or inefficient procedures want to spend additional time in fixing the errors for clients, rather than finding different ways to improve their consumer experience. Spending additional time on replying customer complaints than improving the checkout procedure or inspiring product details is annoying for both employees and customers. Your clients will discover somewhere else for spending their money.

  • Your Staff Does Manual Data Entry

Before integration, nearly all merchants we deal with have fulltime staff members that spend all the time doing nothing, however, getting orders from Magento as well as re-entering them in their POS or ERP for order processing. A few merchants report of spending 40+ hours every month on manual data entry. It a complete waste of employee’s talents, however, it’s a costly and uncreative way of processing orders.

  • You Ship Orders with Delay or Ship Wrong Orders

Manual data entry between Magento enterprise store as well as other systems put you with a risk of inconsistent and mistaken data which results in wrong shipping of orders. Also, manual data takes more time, so can’t deliver the order as promised.

  • Your Online As Well As Offline Experiences aren’t Linked

You know that customers shop through different channels both offline as well as offline. For products they wish to purchase in-store, they usually start the search online. While they come on your website, they wish they should be able to check the inventory levels through all your locations before heading towards the store for completing the purchase. Can you provide these details to your consumers? Without an integrated system, merchants won’t be able to offer the information which allows multiple fulfillment alternatives like buying online or picking-up in-store.

  • Your App Isn’t Solving Your Problems

Various merchants rely on e-commerce apps as well as their add-ons to enhance custom functionalities to online stores. Though, merchants can expand the apps overtime or make a confusion of procedures trying to have multiple customized apps to collaborate. You might understand that the apps are sourcing more problems than they solve.

  • Your Product Details is a Complete Mess

Merchants struggle by keeping updated as well as rich product details. It’s hard to keep the product information straight across different channels. Like inventory capacities, product details become a tiresome and time-consuming job when depending on manually incoming it through your system. You could notice that the product details are often incomplete or wrong for the listings that might be turning possible customers off while they go shopping.

  • You Can’t Win the Competition Online

When you combine all the problems together, your business won’t be in a position of selling competitively online. If you don’t have the right information when required, you just can’t process the information for making any impactful business and in the end; your customer experience will go down. You will feel that although you’re trying to fulfill all the demands of your customer, your competitors are still defeating you!

  • You Can’t Take the Right Decisions When Required

Without accurate and timely data, you just can’t take the right judgments for your clients when you require them. For instance, at any time, do you understand how many products you sold as well as how

many you have currently? If you can’t rely on your data, your team won’t be well-equipped for taking important decisions like when moving inventories from one stock to another, when marking the products, or how to do marketing in one area versus another.


To cope with all these, you should hire the best Magento Development Company available for your Magento e-commerce development requirements or have a Magento upgrade if you are already using Magento for your online store.



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