If we could say the upcoming generation will rely on AI such as Gemini AI which is available in 46 languages and 239 Countries isn’t it cool? Google AI chatbot who gave birth to the Gemini AI model. Gemini computer-based intelligence is a cutting-edge man-made brainpower framework created by OpenAI. It utilizes profound learning procedures, especially inside the GPT system, to fathom and produce normal language reactions. With its capacity to reenact human-like discussion, Gemini computer-based intelligence holds critical potential for different applications, including language interpretation and content age

Along with Gemini AI, we have Chat GPT. ChatGPT is a chatbot created by OpenAI. It is an advanced conversational AI model to enhance an enormous language model, it empowers clients to refine and guide a discussion towards an ideal length, design, style, level of detail, and language. There are 3 types of AI model 

Narrow AI

Narrow AI, also known as Weak AI, implies thinking structures arranged and ready for mechanised thinking structures arranged and ready for unambiguous undertaking or limited regions. Unlike General AI prowess, and that implies mirroring human abilities across various spaces, tight emulated information rotates around winning in a limited arrangement of predefined attempts or capacities. For example, like Siri or Alexa, proposition computations in streaming stages, and spam directives in email management. AI shows capacity inside its allotted degree anyway comes up short on wide adaptability and appreciation tracked down in simulated intelligence. Its practicality lies in its ability to handle express issues successfully inside constrained settings.

General AI

General AI, also referred to as Strong AI or Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), portrays a human-made reasoning substructure equipped for figuring out, learning, and executing campaigns across different spaces, much the same as mankind knowledge. Unlike Narrow AI, which focuses around unambiguous processes or areas, General AI expects to imitate human mental capabilities thoroughly, including sensible, critical thinking, judgement, and learning. Such frameworks would have the ability to adjust to new state of affairs, gain as a matter of fact, and apply information across different settings independently. Despite that, success in General AI stays an testing and aggressive objective, with specialists endeavouring to foster calculations prepared to do genuine human-like insight.

Super AI

Super AI, often referred to as Artificial Superintelligence (ASI),addresses a speculative degree of human-made awareness that surpasses human insight across all capacities and spaces. Heterogeneous to General AI, which aims to copy mankind-level knowledge, Super AI would stand-up above human immortal capacities fiercely. This conceptual type of AI might actually take care of complex issues, make pivotal divulgence, and develop at a speed far surpassing human brain limits. Notwithstanding, the progress of Super AI additionally raises remarkable moral and existential worries with respect to control, wellbeing, and the likely effect on society, provoking thorough discussion and cautious thought in artificial intelligence innovative work.


The man who invented another human who can’t breathe, talk, or walk but works faster than a normal human king is John McCarthy, And you will be amazed to know that there are nearly 300 AI Tools available. 

As we say Good Things Comes With a Cost

There are good and bad things in everything or everyone, just like the sides of a coin. For example, let’s talk about the pros and cons of Gemini AI and Chat GPT

Here is a table illustrating the upsides and downsides of GeminiAI:

Pros Cons
Advanced natural language processing Privacy Concerns
Human-Like Responses Over Dependence on AI
Personalised Interactions Reduction in Human creative productivity
Enhanced Communication Algorithmic biases impacting outcomes


Now Let’s talk about Chat GPT:

Pros Cons
Versatility- can engage in various topics and contexts Dependency on training data
Language Proficiency Ethical Concerns
24/7 Availability Lack of contextual understanding
Scalability-Can handle multiple conversations simultaneously Lack of emotional understanding
Productivity Enhancement and Time Saver with google supervision Can generate incorrect or misleading information


In the duchy of AI-driven conversational navigators, Google Chatbot, Gemini AI, and ChatGPT each showcase their unique strengths. Google Chatbot is advanced in giving fast, setting mindful actions, while Gemini AI has some mastery in blissful creation and ChatGPT offers flexible informal capacities. In Spite of that, their headways, AI actually misses the mark concerning being the new human. While AI increases efficiency and imagination, it needs personage instinct and sympathy. Rather than take over from people, AI fills in as a huge gadget, redesigning new abilities and much more. The communal energy among AI and human knowledge stays pivotal in investigating the complexities of the current world. AI, in spite of making strides, can’t displace the human psyche’s unpredictability, nature and creative mind. While AI improves efficiency and helps in directing, it comes up short on panoramic grasping, the capacity to appreciate anyone at their core, and versatility inborn to human insight. All things considered, AI fills in as a correlative device, expanding human capacities as opposed to replacing them completely.


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