1. Establish Benchmarks Using Analytics Data, And Become Familiar With CRO Tests:

Determine your existing conversion rates, along with other metrics worth tracking, such as AOV and customer lifetime value (CLV), before you even start looking at strategies to boost your CVR. 

You must comprehend your website’s analytics, including how visitors navigate it from the time they land on your website until they complete the checkout process, in order to do this. This is also known as conversion funnel optimization at times.

Traditional Marketing Funnel vs Ecommerce Purchase Funnel

Source : https://www.daasity.com/post/conversion-funnel-how-to-build-analyze-optimize

2. Invest In The Appropriate Instruments To Ascertain The Areas In Which Your Users Are Experiencing Difficulty:

There is more to your customers than just numbers. Because of this, identifying site problems holistically and from the perspective of the user is one of the fundamental tasks in CRO. You can determine what is driving customers to quit your store entirely or to abandon their carts by discovering the functional problems with your website. 

There are countless techniques available for assessing your CRO, ranging from data analysis and visitor behavior monitoring to speed testing page loads. Nevertheless, user behavior monitoring programs (such as FullStory, HotJar etc) typically utilize one or more of the following methods to look at how users interact with your website:

Heat maps: The technique resembles a computerized version of the “hot or cold” game. With the hotspots flashing red, this visual depiction records the mouse movements of users, allowing you to see what draws and ignores their attention.

Confetti maps: A take on heat maps that display user click patterns according to filters (such origin nation or source of traffic).

Scroll maps: This application helps decide where to put CTAs and how long a landing page should be to maximize conversions.

User recordings: The generation of these reports is contingent upon adherence to privacy guidelines. They do, however, allow you to record and watch a user’s experience, which offers a unique perspective on how users interact with your site and any obstacles they may be running into.

All of the aforementioned tools can be utilized for conducting A/B tests for CRO in addition to assessing your current website.

Ecommerce Funnel Conversion Rates

Source : https://www.smartinsights.com/ecommerce/ecommerce-analytics/ecommerce-conversion-rates/

3. Make Your Website Faster:

The idea that site performance is a major factor in conversion is not fiction. Amazon stated in 2006 that each additional 100 milliseconds of load time lost them 1% of sales, or more than $1 billion. Numerous research has been conducted since then to bolster the notion that speed is preferable. To put it plainly, faster delivery of the items leads to a greater CVR. 

Transaction Conversion Rates

4. Make Sure Website Users Feel Secure:

The COVID-19 outbreak permanently altered the e-commerce market. Due to the pandemic, 9% of Americans said they made their first-ever online purchase in the initial three weeks of March 2020 alone.

But these new clients also brought with them a greater apprehension about fraud and scams.

According to 67% of all consumers polled for Marqeta’s 2021 Fraud Report, increasing online buying during COVID-19 has increased their vulnerability to scammers.

Data breaches affect more than just the bottom line. Repercussions from malware, phishing, and stolen data can damage your brand and lower your CVR. Ask the major companies Estée Lauder, Canon, Nintendo, and Barnes & Noble; they were all hacked and had their data compromised in 2020. 

This is why it’s critical to establish your site’s credibility with both novice and seasoned online shoppers. Shopify development services are a really good option to overcome the issue of fraudulent activities.

Protection techniques include making sure your store complies with PCI standards, securing store access with two-factor authentication, SCIM, and SAML, preventing bots, backing up your site, and using e-commerce security tools and applications.

Ecommerce Payment Fraud Statistics Purchase Commerce

Source : https://www.purchasecommerce.com/blog/ecommerce-security-dimensions

5. Use Best Practices For Ecommerce SEO:

It may seem at first that SEO and CRO are unrelated. After all, one is meant for computer users, which occasionally leads to awkward phrasing, and the other is meant for actual human users. However, SEO helps people stay on your website as well as bring them there.

You don’t think we’re real? 74% of buyers use search engines for information and comparisons of products before making a purchase, according to Forrester.

Remember that people are the ones who make purchases when you create your product descriptions for search engines (more on that later). This will help you rank higher in search results.

While doing this, keep in mind other SEO techniques like speeding up page loads (which have an impact on SEO rankings) and employing tracking tools to keep an eye on and employ the best SEO techniques for your website.


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