What is a payment gateway?

An e-commerce payment gateway is a merchant service that accepts credit card payments using an online store’s existing software. It assists in the direct processing of transactions from eCommerce enterprises or online storefronts to payment processors, who then receive money from clients. The payment gateway can be given by the bank to its customers, or it can be provided independently by certified financial service providers.

How to Choose the Best Payment Gateway for your Magento Store_

How to choose the best Payment Gateway for your Magento store?

In order to deliver the ideal checkout experience to clients, Magento merchants must choose the best payment gateway. According to various studies, 90 percent of customers’ payment decisions are based on their checkout experience. Convenience, functionality, security features, and cost are all basic payment gateway requirements. Payment gateways should be chosen by considering the needs of customers in mind. You should also make sure that the payment gateway is adaptable to your company’s direction and goals. You should take into account the following four important factors while choosing the payment gateway for your Magento Store.

  • Security – It is critical to consider how thoroughly payment and transaction details, as well as client personal information, are secured in the payment gateway. ensure that payment fraud is avoided at all costs
  • Convenience – This refers to the ease with which the checkout process can be completed by selecting the specific Payment Gateway.
  • Capabilities: It is critical to check what types of payments are accepted by the payment gateway and what options are available.
  • Cost – Before choosing a payment gateway for your store, you should calculate the total cost of integrating the payment gateway into your eCommerce store.

Other factors must be considered when setting up a payment gateway for magento2. Payment gateways should be chosen based on the size of the business. E-commerce businesses should also allow customers to pay with credit cards in order to increase their conversion ratio. Customers have a better checkout experience when there are more payment options available at the store’s checkout.

Best Payment Gateways for Magento 2


PayPal is the optimal solution for both clients and Magento store owners when it comes to secure payments. More than 215 million customers are making use of PayPal for making their payments at eCommerce stores. It has also gained the trust of about 18 million e-commerce store merchants around the world. Paypal attracts a wide range of customers because it provides a free PayPal account registration as well as a free download of the PayPal application.

PayPal accounts allow customers to pay for online purchases without using credit cards by connecting directly to their bank accounts. Customers’ financial security is prioritized during the checkout process because merchants will only receive their PayPal account number and not a bank account or credit card number. Paypal attracts a diverse set of customers because it offers a free PayPal account registration as well as a free download of the PayPal application. Buyers can use PayPal to make purchases in a variety of currencies without the need for currency conversion.

This payment gateway has a cost of 2.9 percent plus 0.30 USD per authorization.


Stripe is another well-known payment gateway that can compete with PayPal.Stripe, an Australian payment firm founded in 2011, has been providing ideal payment services that support over 100 different currencies without the need to set up separate merchant facilities.

This completely integrated global platform has given a new level of payment ease to clients, including fast recurring and subscription payments setup, easy rebilling on customers without retaining credit card information, and charges pro-rata availability.

The linked rates of 2.9 percent + 0.30 USD for each permission are all that is required of Magento business stores for this plugin.


In the Italian market, CartaSi offers excellent payment services to financial and institutional businesses, as well as e-commerce enterprises. With 2 billion transactions and 13 million credit cards in circulation, CartaSi has established itself as a market leader in electronic money.

Both store administrators and customers benefit greatly from the CartaSi payment connection with Magento 2 stores. Some of the features of Cartasi include Refund Availability and chargebacks minimization 3D secure feature. It allows the store admins to set the minimum and maximum amount of orders the customer can place. Once the total number of orders reaches the required limit, a new CatarSi payment method will be suggested and displayed.


SagePay integrates with merchant accounts to provide the best payment gateway solution possible. With the highest level of card data security – PCI DSS Level 1 compliance – it is gaining recognition from all major banks and credit card firms, ensuring that transactions are appropriately protected against fraud.

The Sagepay payment plugin for Magento 2 in particular adds extra security layers including AVS, CVC, and 3D Secure authentication. Furthermore, SagePay features a Credit Card Vault feature that holds clients’ credit cards as a form of token.

By selecting three integration options such as SagePay Direct, SagePay Form, and SagePay Server, Magento Store Merchants can customize payment processes and interface with the Magento 2 SagePay extension.


WorldPay expands payment options for customers by introducing the Virtual Terminal and pay-per-link features. Customers no longer need to leave the site to make a payment; they can simply enter their credit card information on the WorldPay-hosted payment page or others that have been integrated with the WorldPay payment extension. The information will then be sent to the payment gateway, which will authorize the payment process.

Customers, as well as merchants, can benefit from WorldPay integration. This payment gateway is adaptable to any business size and shape by providing an optimal manager tool to assist businesses in keeping track of transaction information, insights, and key reports. Furthermore, merchants do not need to be concerned about security because WorldPay has an upgraded fraud protection system.

When integrating a Magento 2 WorldPay payment extension into their stores, Magento 2 store Merchants can enjoy many other prominent payment features, such as WorldPay eWallets payment, WorldPay local card schemes payment, Worldpay vault for card saving, and admin order payment.


2Checkout has earned the trust of over 50,000 merchants worldwide and accepts a wide range of payment methods and currencies to make the checkout process easier for customers. This payment gateway has over 300 fraud rules and is certified by several standards, including PCI DSS Level 1, GDPR, BBB Accreditation, ISAE 3402, and SSAE 18, Privacy Shield, to ensure high security.

Stores are supported with the storage of shopping carts paid via 2Checkout on the 2Checkout hosted page for Magento 2 2Checkout payment, allowing store owners with extra storage capacity to better handle 2Checkout orders.

The rate per transaction with this cart differs depending on the location of the business, and a high-volume discount is available for businesses that process more than 50,000 USD per month.


EBizCharge is one of the most reliable payment gateways available for B2B and B2C merchants using Magento. They offer an all-in-one payment platform that includes a merchant account, payment gateway, payment integrations, payment collection tools, and more.

The EBizCharge payment platform allows you to integrate Magento payments with your accounting software to eliminate double data entry. It has natively built integrations with over 100 leading ERPs, accounting software, eCommerce platforms, and CRMs, so even as your business grows, EBizCharge will keep up with your expanding system.EBizCharge also provides advanced security methods such as tokenization and encryption, off-site data storage, customizable fraud modules, and PCI compliance.

Pricing is typically customized based on your company’s specific needs, so you can expect to save a significant amount of money each month.

Final Words

Online payment has revolutionized digital trading, making checkout faster and easier than before. The use of an ultimate payment gateway can help retailers and their consumers speed up the checkout and money transfer process. Magento 2 stores should consider adding a Magento payment gateway extension to make use of a full-featured payment gateway as well as the additional functionality available only through Magento extensions.

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