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Frome Bikes increased Sales by custom innovation solution provided by our team, Also it helps for more engagement with their customers in their segment.

Forme Mobile Friendly Magento Store

The Mission

The look and feel of the Magento website are not always enticing, but our main mission was to provide the website with the perfect catchy look and feel.

There is no add-to-cart button and still, the website generates large revenue and this becomes possible when the mission is accomplished successfully.

We planned the website in such a manner that it gets more driving visitors and conversions. After analyzing the competition and to distinguish them from the other sellers, various plans were formed and provided to the client. The planning was at the center to promote the brand Forme at it’s best.

We have done PSD to Magento Implementation and also Implemented all the design elements in the Magento 2x version. We have used tools like Sublime and Github for managing code effectively.

A perfect navigation structure was formed for implementation and to make it distinctive from the normal Magento websites. The strategic goals are implemented by creating Strategic implementation plans. Coding is done keeping in mind the Magento coding standards which are based on Zend coding standards, PSR1, PSR2, and PSR4 designed the code keeping in mind the replaceable factor so that it can be reusable.

Increase in new users, increase in new registrations, decrease in load time and decrease in the bounce rate, all these were the results. The website also has a registration pop up at the time of order. The websiteis made in such a manner that the client doesn’t need the developer every time for the basic changes, he will be able to do it from the admin panel.


Boost in Sales with Customized Magento Solution to End Customers.

Same Look and feel in your handy device.

Forme Responsive Magento Store

“They are the most responsive and knowledgeable Magento developers I have worked with. I’m continuously impressed with them. It’s like having a developer in the next room.”

Melissa Dean Client

United States

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