What is a Multi-Country E-commerce Portal?

A multi-country E-commerce portal enables the customers to make their site with different languages as well as acceptable in different countries. It leads to an increase in reach and revenue.

Magento store for different countries is highly recommended as it is been observed that the buyers are 4 times more likely to buy a product from a site that they can understand in their own language. Magento store for USA, UK, Canada, Australia is made to increase the market growth as well as boosting the sales which require a large database of customers. The website shows different products, services as well as different content, a customer will likely to stay if the website is easier to understand. Different groups of people have different database, different choices, different preferences as well as different payment methods. Myriad of reasons are there to create a multilingual store. Alluring all the group of customers with the bilingual store will be helpful for the whopping sales. Make your store speak the language of the customers, its a good point for sure which is acceptable at large by the customers. With the large pool of buyers – and the fairly mature e-commerce landscape – competition is getting fiercer each year and the need for creating the multilingual eCommerce platform is raising.

The most popular as well as a scalable platform like Magento has various built-in features for creating a bilingual Magento store. You will have to make sure that the audience is at the center of your website. The jump rate of your customer’s increases when they feel the site is not familiar to them. So let us step down and understand the factors to consider while creating a bilingual Magento store:

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  • 72.4% of worldwide consumers emphasized that they prefer to use their native language when shopping online.
  • 52.4% of customers buy only from websites where the information is presented in their language.
  • 56.2% of customers confessed that having information in their native language is even more important than the price.

Source: Common Sense Advisory

Language of your eCommerce site

We know that the most used language is the English language. Most of the businesses start with the English language by default. If one wants to expand the website and spread the same to a different group of customers, then you will need to add different languages to your website. Translation to your desired language is done on the basis of your provided text. Language of your eCommerce website is going to leave a dramatic effect on your potential customers.

Customer service

This is an unavoidable part of any website which is the backbone of your business for sure. If you will provide the customer service in the desired language then it will be of great use to all the buyers to get the information in their desired language. Acceptance of your service increases.

SEO keeping in mind Regional Preferences

While developing SEO strategies, not only the local area SEO marketing but you have to include the websites which can give you more return from a specific region. Google is surely a dominant search engine but still, there are some regions that discourage using it. A multilingual website that aims to reach people across the borders must take into account the preferred search engines of their target audience. For example, people of China prefer to use the Baidu search engine, whereas Bing is quite popular in France and United Kingdom.

Market-specific design

The choices and preferences are different for different cultures. It is not possible that what one country likes is also liked by the other country as well as other culture. To cater to this type of needs one has to do some of t
he tweaks to that website and there is no need to change the website completely. The expectations can be easily met if one knows cultural changes to be done.

By creating a multilingual store, you are building the specific market design which will increase the customer database as well as make your business more and more widespread.

Fast access to a Specific Language

If you want to outreach a large customer database, you will have to Create multiple views with respect to a different language, but it works perfectly well if they can easily access the pages.

If you create a german variant of any page, but the desired customer group is not able to find it as an option, all the efforts will be in vain. It is therefore highly recommended to create an option on the right or left at the top corner. It is great in providing access to the language you wish.


Different themes are liked by different groups of people. In some countries, clean designs are liked, while in others heavy text rich designs are more liked. The design concept is different in different countries. You can keep the same theme for all the country stores as well as you can also create a unique theme for each country store.


The main purpose of creating a multilingual website is to reach more and more customers as well as to increase the business as much as possible. If you are also the one who wants to expand if you are also the one who wants to reach a large number of customers, then creating a multilingual store for your business will be an added advantage. The above practices will help you create the store you wish to outreach the large database of customers.


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