Most of the trusted E-commerce websites are using Magento platforms. This is a widely used platform and so the cheaters, as well as hackers, are having a keen eye on the websites using Magento. Setting up a website is very easy while maintaining the same by keeping it safe is difficult. Security is the main concern of E-commerce websites as it has all their customers’ data. Mostly all the small, as well as medium-sized businesses, are having a very high cyber attack. Those businesses never thought about the same and get notified months after the attack.

Everyone should keep their websites updated as well as take proper measures to protect the admin page.

According to new research from Foregenix, SME websites using the Magento eCommerce platform are currently at high risk from cyberattacks. The research also shows that North American SMBs using Magento is more likely to be at risk of cybercrime than is true for European organizations.

Do you ignore the website’s security risk? It will cause great damage to your business. Globally, 1.4% of Magento sites have been compromised by payment card-skimming malware that is used in attacks like the Magecart campaign. There are so many flaws the most dangerous of all is SQL injection which doesn’t need any pre-conditions to get exploited. It steals the entire database and takes the whole control of the server as well as the website.

Generally, design agencies provide a great design of the website to attract a wide range of customers very easily, the agency, as well as the developer, looks at the security of the website, but this should be taken more seriously as only one single small breach can be very devastating. If you are regularly maintaining a Magento website, it will eliminate the security risk and will be a cost-saver in the long run.


Magento 2.2.5 Version for Better Security Features and Bug Fixes

We are going to state some of the factors to make you alert, they are as under:

Protected file system:

Magento allows limited access to prevent unauthorized interference, while the user has to create different file system permissions to avoid the risk.

Protected admin panel:

There is a set of steps, which the admin can take to avoid access to the admin panel. It includes changing the login path from Admin to custom one. It should ask for the user’s permission for getting access to the information. Always generate a strong password and also change it regularly.

Reliable extensions:

Many times the merchants just get the readymade extensions for them. They can create a problem in security. You should always create extensions instead of buying. We provide our clients with great services for extensions. Viha Digital commerce customizes the extensions as per the client’s need.

Upgrade Magento 2:

It is advisable to upgrade Magento 2 as it will help in avoiding security risks. It alleviates the old security threats. Update the E-commerce store from time to time and stay tension free.


How to Get Professional Magento Upgrade Services with Data Security?

Layer Your Security:

The multiple security layers come with a unique security code that is randomly generated every 30 seconds. Magento has a wide collection of such additional security levels. Layer your Magento store with extra security.

Be Careful with Password & Logins:

Don’t keep the same password every time. Always keep different passwords. The password should not be very simple for the hacker to crack. Always create a difficult password. Be careful about the same. Your password must be 10 characters long, it must have one symbol, and one number. Change the password sooner.

Security Services:

There are various security tools available to protect your website. These tools can help identify credit card stealers, intermediary domains, malicious payloads, and other security issues.

Suspicious link:

If you find anything suspicious like if you come to know any email or link suspicious popping up, don’t open the same. It may be sent by the hacker. So, considering protection first, always try to avoid such risks.

Fraudster behavior can be noted in every step involved while making an online purchase. There are three kinds of fraud basically:

1. Transaction fraud
2. Service fraud
3. Delivery fraud

Fraudsters are practicing different strategies nowadays. They are exploring new ways to add malicious codes to the eCommerce site and succeed in infringing important data of the customers.

If you find any type of suspicious activity, you can also consult detailed forensics. Cybercriminals are no doubt experts but they always leave clues as well as much evidence to expose their presence. We at Viha Digital Commerce always make sure that the website we build is 100% safe and still if you find any security-related issues during its regular maintenance, our Magento certified developers provide 100% support.

So, don’t just maintain your website but you should also consider the safety and security in your Magento eCommerce development.


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