The absence or presence of a website makes a lot of difference to any hotel business.

Website and mobile applications packed with e-commerce capabilities increase the chances of financial success.

Once the website is live, a hotel owner can leverage e-commerce SEO services to grab even more customers and advance bookings. Let me tell you that hotel SEO isn’t that costly.

Nowadays, many e-commerce companies around the globe provide quite affordable eCommerce SEO packages. This holds especially true if you take remote SEO services from countries like India or Singapore.

Hotel internet marketing involves many aspects, like

  • hosting a website
  • selecting SEO keywords
  • applying CRO techniques
  • advertise on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • email and PPC campaigns
  • etc.

How to make a profitable hotel/resort booking website?

The easy and best way to start making rich graphics hotel websites is to select an excellent WordPress theme.

Many readymade and fantastic hotel website templates are available on sites like


Pros and Cons of buying a readymade hotel website theme
VS.  Developing hotel website from scratch

Hotel/Resort Websites @ WordPress Platform

Alternatively, you can buy professional WordPress web development services if you want to design a website layout from scratch, your way. But this option would require you to put your own efforts. You can look into other/competitors’ ways of presenting web content and apply similar techniques to reduce strain in discovering ideas.

Suppose you are creating a hospitality website from scratch. In that case, it equally costs because while you can avoid paying for an already developed theme, you now are required to spend coins on leveraging WordPress customization service. You need to tailor a readymade website template to match it with your hotel taxonomy, colors, logo, etc.

Many professional agencies provide WordPress theme customization service at very competitive rates if you outsource as opposed to collaborating with a local software firm in countries like USA, Canada, or Australia.

A conclusion is, that just as clothes need tailoring for perfect fitting, a hotel website requires customization for user-friendliness. Then abundant conversions start happening in a short period of time.

What next after creating a hotel website?

It is SEO. Yes.

Your Feet in Tourism Industry, What Next? eCommerce SEO

I know you got it from the above picture.

We don’t publish the website to see by our staff, rather we want other people, especially prospects to browse it, both ok a room or dinner online and pay in advance.

Google rankings are crucial for any hotel business owner operating in the tourism industry.

Not only that, SEO is less expensive in comparison with other types of marketing such as

  • Print media
  • TV advertisements
  • Billboards
  • Yellow pages/directory submission
  • etc.

Additionally, SEO impacts highly.

For example, think of how many customer footfalls would increase to your hotel if your website can rank on Google for at least 5 cities with the phrase “hotels in [your city]”.

However, before this mind-blowing event happens, you have to outreach competitors with continuous SEO efforts.

Be careful in selecting SEO keywords, keywords can make or break your hotel business.

Avoid hard or difficult-to-remember words.

Take, for example, you would be better off discarding “Travel and Leisure Company” by making a choice for “Travel and Tourism Company”.

According to travel industry experts, most guest bookings these days take place online.

So let us start our journey on e-commerce SEO techniques to evolve and expand your hotel reservation business online.

High Speed Website Plays Partial Role to Increase Reservations & Bookings

Technique 1: Minimize Loading Time of Hotel Website

Hotels with a website that renders content faster see higher conversion rates.

Recent studies show that 75% of prospects will avoid dealing with lethargic hotel websites.

Heeding out causes that delay web pages can be tricky.

I have some tips to increase hotel website performance that you can check here.

Technique 2: Provide Great Customer Service based on Personas

Understanding the needs and personalities of different types of clients is important.

For instance, although anyone from the business executive to an aged senior individual can come for booking a room in your hotel, food requirements and other facilities demanded by both would be desperate.

Briefly, you need to show the niche areas, rooms, and space of your resort by thinking on

  • Who will be your guests?
  • Why will guests stay with you/What can attract them most?
  • Are guests coming for traveling or leisure purposes?

Once you have meaningful data available at your fingertips, you can improvise and focus on a specific market segment.

Technique 3: Use a Strong Value Proposition over Common Appeals

I am surprised why so many people are afraid to present unique points.

Eccentricity is, in fact, a good characteristic in the field of hospitality.

If an internet surfer has narrowed down the search to pick anyone from two hotels in a city/area from which one is of yours, you are lucky. Make use of your fortune by displaying a list of advantages that present why you are preferable.

Passive response to questions addressed by prospective guests means wastage of opportunity.

If you want to take a full drive on understanding how to strengthen your value proposition, you can visit this webpage.

Technique 4: Incorporate local SEO

Expand your Hotel Reservation Business with Local SEO

If you are frequently making Google searches, you might have observed that it does NOT return static results. In other words, the list of hotels that come up on search engine results pages varies from time to time.

Some searches present us with accurate details of a resort/hotel, like

  • photos of hotel
  • prices and availability of rooms
  • block number and building name
  • currently open or not
  • phone number

To visualize this in a real-world example, have a look at the below picture
Do you know where it is coming from? Google My Business Page.

Optimization of Google+ business profile is essential for a venture in the hotel domain. It increases the chances of returns.

By fulfilling all data points on the Google Business page, a hotel manager also gets a chance to flash on popular advertising sites like TripAdvisor, Yelp, etc. as they sometimes extract data from Google accounts – by customer’s permission altogether.

Technique 5: Don’t neglect the importance of Photos

People like to see photos and views of a room before booking. If they don’t get it, they can easily switch to the website of the nearby resort that provides it – simply with a mouse click.

Therefore, putting aesthetic, high pixel videos and photos on the hotel website is in the vested interest of any tourism industry professional.

Publish photos of everything:

  • external view
  • internal view
  • reception
  • food court
  • garden
  • amenities like a swimming pool, casino, etc

These things are vital to see by website visitors before he/she can make the decision to proceed towards check out/payment.

Technique 6: Highlight advantages, not only facilities

Feel the difference between below two statements:
“The hotel has a 5-star gym and spa.”

“The hotel offers a 5-star gym and spa to unwind after a busy day and keeps you healthy.”

Clearly, features translated into benefits project your point in front of the eyes of potential customers.

Technique 7: Regularly Take Customer Testimonials and Share On Social Media

In the 21st century, people are bombarded with a myriad of ads and want to talk with an existing customer. They are mindful of offers and don’t take them for granted.

Therefore, social proof and displaying of stars means reference-based marketing.

  • There are sheer ways to collect social proofs:
  • Provide guests with feedback forms
  • Implement structured markup on the website to get ratings and reviews
  • Showcase badges or awards on the Home page or reception
  • Provide discounted services to a celebrity or popular influencer to get recommendation words

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I hope this above text has been helpful to you.


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