Cellphone Parts

Wholesale industry where automated ordering and tracking system with shipping integration successfully.

Cellphone spares provides all mobile case parts and everything

It’s complete sales oriented strategy for B2b Customers with Online Ordering system.

The Mission

Cellphone.parts is the wholesale online store, where you can conveniently purchase spare parts for cell phones, laptops, and game consoles.
Cellphone.parts provides it's customers the satisfactory spare parts
at best prices.
same look and feel in your handy device.

Mobile Responsive

Incorporated Platforms & Technologies



The webpage will look in its full glory. This website is for the businessman so the things were planned out in keeping in mind the targeted group. Time, skill, energy and expertise were fully utilized in this project.



The client needed the B2B website, so the main strategy was to build the site best suitable for the businessman. Another thing planned was the quick add to cart feature, which further reduces the time wastage for the genuine large quantities buyers. Come up with a layout that was easy to browse through to all the wholesale buyers.

Strategic User friendly Website with Automated Solution experience for Wholesellers

Game-Winning Features



  • Feature of bulk inquiry
  • Customized Home page
  • AJAX quick Add to Cart
  • One-step checkout
  • EMS Shipping Integrated
  • Checkout customization for B2B Invoice


The results are pleasing and the site is perfect fit for buying the quantities without any hurdles in the way. It is attractive for large quantity buyers. Quick add to cart is the on the right side which is a very convenient feature available on the website.