Fully Automated Ordering system and User friendly mechanism, it’s all about improved best user experience ever.

360 Degree Digital Transformation on online order mechanism

It’s complete Automated User Friendly Sales

The Mission

The a2Milk CompanyTMis a member of the Infant Nutrition Council. They are selling drinks for different ages of children. Their milk drink is based on the casein protein blend and they provide the best milk drink to support each's growth and development. stage of your child
same look and feel in your handy device.

Mobile Responsive

Incorporated Platforms & Technologies

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The structure of the site was framed in a manner so that it looks appealing to the customers. We planned the website which encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production. To develop the home page, cart page, checkout page, login page, and all the other pages were planned out effectively.



It was the project from scratch. We were mainly concerned with creating a website that has smooth operations to follow by the customers. While placing the order, the checkout step needed to be the latest. We decided to provide them responsive one- page checkout. This makes the checkout process which is a favorable factor for increasing sales.

Strategic User friendly Website with Automated Solution experience for Customer.

Game-Winning Features



  • We have done AWS lambda coding which helps to place the
    order to the warehouse
  • There is functionality which enables to just place three
    products per week
  • It has API validation of customer address
  • The duplicate or copied address doesn't work in this site


The result is a fully immersive website, providing the best digital experience to the company. The customer can not just add any Pincode or any address, only genuine addresses are considered. It has faster loading speed for the customers.