Magical Offers

Forward a referral & Earn 15% discount for your project!

How can I leverage benefits of Magical offers?

With each successful referral, you earn 15% of the referred project's price. Meaning, that much amount of cost will be deducted for your future projects with us. In case you want to transfer that amount to your referrers, we allow that as well. For every new client, we give 10% discount for their first order.

What's the Process of Referring?

As per our policy, the referrer has to provide the referee's or referee company's name and that it should agree with referrer from whom they have reached us. In order to realize the referral benefits, you need to ask the referee to mention your or your company's name when filling a form during time of placing an order. We keep records of such referrals up-to-date and serve stipulated amount discount for your next project. Or as per your request, we will deduct a discounted amount from the referee's invoice itself.

Terms and Conditions related to Magical Offers:

  • Discount will be catered only after we receive full payment from the referee.
  • We provide a 10% discount for the first order by a new client, but no one can refer himself/herself or his/her own company. The referee should pay adequate attention while submitting an order. Once the order is placed that does not mention the referrer's details, no one can claim for discounts after the process is finished/started.
  • We do not serve discount in form of cash. Magical offers are provided for discount in placed order to Viha Digital Commerce.
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