Our Team Adds Value for the Customer or Goes Back to Home

Our Team Adds Value for the Customer or Goes Back to Home

At our organization, customers and users are the primary focus. If we aren’t solving the problem which they want us to solve, we go home but don’t prolong the process just to enter an infinite loop. We’re a team of reliable tech professionals. Right from requirements gathering to deployment of projects, Viha Digital Commerce team supports their clients during each step of the way. With us, you minimize the number for hiring. The mistake that most people do when building/choosing team is that they don’t list needed skill-sets. We, at Viha Digital Commerce, rather help customers for this game changing task as well that definitely results in restriction of spending.

Our team keeps trolls away from goals by smart work and perfect selection of tools. Honesty, transparency and clarity are the very DNA of our development process. Our leaders have detail oriented vision. We don’t outsource, we develop in-house to maintain highest levels of integrity.

“None of us is as smart as all of us. The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”

Our team focuses on bridging the gap between business goals and actual results. We eagerly jump to resolve the issue even if our client needs help at 3 AM. Viha Digital Commerce team takes pride in their work and is always willing to learn and adopt new technology that can improve business effectiveness.

Our talented team has all the skill-sets required to generate an Enterprise-grade web/mobile/ecommerce application

Our team can be compared to blend of diversified skills – that our team members hold collectively. And these all are essential skill-sets needed to complete any kind of software project
Briefly, we have:

  • Front-End Developers
  • Back-End Developers
  • Graphics Designers
  • Web (UI/UX) Designers
  • SEO and Social Media Experts
  • Content Writers
  • Data Analysts
  • Database & Network Administrators

Being a layman to IT industry, this can be challenging in fact. With Viha Digital Commerce, you don’t need to put efforts to list required skills, we’ll do for you. Honestly. Just give us few minutes after you input task/project and we’ll get back.

It is simple, if more resources are working, it will complete sooner. For your budget-bound requirements, fill our contact us form or drop us project file via email. We may be able to find an alternative route that results in lesser spending.

Dedicated person at Viha Digital Commerce will provide updates for your project frequently through email/skype/chat. If you are not satisfied with answer/results and want to talk directly with respective team-member, you can do that as well.